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Full Name: Nick Lassiter
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Author

Creator: Samuel Marquis
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Nick Lassiter is an author.

At least he is trying to be. He has written a couple of books but they have not yet seen publication. He keeps trying, though.

He is described in an introduction to the first recorded adventure as "Mr. Everyman [who] becomes an unwitting intelligence operative". That is a pretty good summation. He does have at least one thing going for him that the rest of us do not and that will help him, in a way, survive being such a fish-out-of-water when he gets deep in trouble (pardon the mixed metaphor): his father is a high-ranking member of the CIA. Interestingly, it is not really because of his father's covert connections that he gets into trouble; they will help getting out.

When we first meet him, Lassiter is really at a low spot in his life....

Now Lassiter's troubles will start because of writer's block by a famous thriller writer named Cameron Beckett IV, described by his agent as "one of the world's biggest literary brands - second only to James Patterson". The man had put out bestsellers for 20 years but was out of ideas, except for drinking more and hiring more hookers (he was down to 6 or 7 a month). His agent decided to give him a boost by "borrowing" from the slush pile (his words) of submitted manuscripts that would never see publication. What could it hurt? It wasn't really stealing, was it?

Well, when it turns out that the chosen book was by Lassiter and when the book comes out three years later and is made into a blockbuster movie, Lassiter gets rather perturbed about it. Mind you, Lassiter has just been dumped by his girl friend and fired from his job so he was already in a pretty lousy mood. That will prompt him to head to the Big Apple and the publishers of the book and that will get him into major troubles of a clandestine nature (you need to read the adventure to understand) and that will be why he will need Dad's help.

It will also be how he will come into contact with Skyler, one of the deadliest paid assassins currently plying the trade.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

The author has created a series he calls the "Nick Lassiter - Skyler Series". I have chosen to separate them since Skyler has such a small role in the first of the three books and he has none at all in the second, with the two both having major parts to play in the third.

Though I have opted to do things differently, I strongly recommend for best enjoyment of all that the books be read in order:

The Devil's Brigade

The Coalition

The Fourth Pularchek

1 The Devil's Brigade The Devil's Brigade
aka The Slush Pile Brigade
Written by Samuel Marquis
Copyright: 2015

Nick Lassiter is having a bad year. He just lost his girlfriend and his job. And he finds that an unpublished thriller he had penned was stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie. Deciding he wants justice for the latter, he and a couple of odd friends head to NYC. There they will find trouble from the NYPD as well as the Russian mob. Only the intervention of his high-ranking CIA father will keep help keep them alive long enough to make sense of everything.
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2 The Fourth Pularchek The Fourth Pularchek
Written by Samuel Marquis
Copyright: 2017

When Nick Lassiter learns of his biological father who turns out to be a Polish billionaire and high ranking intelligence officer, he also finds tremendous trouble dealing with secrets from WWII. Only with the help of his adopted father, a high-ranking CIA official, not to mention the very dangerous and scary Italian assassin known only as Skyler, does he have a chance of survival.
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Bit of honesty here upfront. When I started this series, I was doing so to read about an assassin named Skyler who frankly worries and scares and irks the main character here, Nick Lassiter, a lot. I figured that Skyler would be the series lead. Then I discovered that there was really two series going on here with Skyler sometimes taking a back seat to Lassiter.

Lassiter has some interesting friends which make the series a whole lot of fun to read. He himself is so down on his luck that any direction looks better than the way he is going. Well except for the fact that before, there were not people trying to kill him! It may not be good for Lassiter but it is fun for readers.


My Grade: B


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