Writing as: Shyam Dave, Hugh Gantzer

According to publisher Harper Collins: "Colleen Gantzer have to their credit four travel books, and the scripts and voiceovers for 57 travel documentaries on national television. They have won two PATA Gold Awards and the Best Travel Writer Award from the Indian Association of Tour Operators. Hugh Gantzer is a former Commander in the Indian Navy. The Gantzers spend six months every year travelling in India and abroad."

According to GoodReads: "Hugh and Colleen Gantzer are India's pioneering travel writers. The sub-continent enriched them with a wide spectrum of cultural influences adding to their Anglo-Indian heritage and their varied experiences as an Indian Naval family for many years. As a team they have won many awards for their work in bringing the world to India and India to the world. In February 2014 they were given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Government of India. When they are not travelling, the Gantzers live in a Victorian cottage in the oak woods of the Himalayas. Like the questing bear in the old song, they still want to see what lies on other side of the mountain"

Series Books
Shyam Dave
Jaz Zadu The Kumbh Docket (1971)
  The Brain Drain Docket (1977)
  The Guru Docket (1977)
  The Isaac Docket (1978)
  The Stark Docket (1979)
Hugh Gantzer
Netto Operation Overkill (1973)
  The President's Ransom (1973)
  The Thomas Document (1977)