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Full Name: Jawaharlal Atim 'Jaz' Zadu
Nationality: Indian
Organization: Indian Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Shyam Dave
Time Span: 1971 - 1979


Jawaharlal Atim 'Jaz' Zadu is an agent with Indian Intelligence.

I state up fron that I do not have any personal knowledge of this operative. The little that I 'know', other than the names of the books in the series about this agent from the early 70s, comes from fellow spy-fan and expert in Indian literature, Narayan Radhakrishnan, who was kind enough to email me about this character and others as well as writing a very entertaining and informative essay on "Popular Fiction Writing in English by Indian Authors" found at here.

We are told a little bit in that essay about Zadu in that he "detested guns, drank Indian whiskey, was an expert in kalarippayat (a martial art form of Kerala, India), a Tantrist, and spoke a number of Indian languages. But then he, too, was engaged in rescuing India when it teetered on the edge of assorted disasters. Zadu was one cool guy, suave and glamourous, Bond-ish in style." We also know that he has a girlfriend named Sonia. 

From another source on the web we learn that Zadu, whose nickname of 'Jaz' obviously derives from his initials and is a lot easier to say than his full first name, is said to be a "north Indian IMFL-guzzling James Bond-like character who 'attracts beauties and bullets with equal ease' according to one comment attributed to the Sunday Statesman. IMFL apparently is "Indian-made foreign liquor" and refers to, according to Wikipedia, "all types of hard liquor manufactured in the country other than indigenous alcoholic beverages such as feni, toddy, arrack and others". Exactly what type of IMFL he prefers is not stated though from the earlier quotation, it is some form of whiskey. 

One last, brief comment about him said that he "does stuff like defusing nuclear bombs" which is a useful skill if you happen to run across one that needs shutting down.

If anyone knows more about it, please let me know. When finances allow, I will try to purchase the one book in the series I found for sale online.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1971
Last Appearance:1979

1 The Kumbh Docket The Kumbh Docket
Written by Shyam Dave
Copyright: 1971

[plot unknown]

2 The Brain Drain Docket The Brain Drain Docket
Written by Shyam Dave
Copyright: 1977

[plot unknown]

3 The Guru Docket The Guru Docket
Written by Shyam Dave
Copyright: 1977

[plot unknown]

4 The Isaac Docket The Isaac Docket
Written by Shyam Dave
Copyright: 1978

[plot unknown]

5 The Stark Docket The Stark Docket
Written by Shyam Dave
Copyright: 1979

[plot unknown]


Okay, leaving my comments on a series I have not read and not been able to get a copy of is a major no-no. 

And since I am nevertheless writing comments here, should I ever be able to read any of the books in life of Jaz Zadu, my comments will undoubtedly change a lot.

In the meantime....

Do not judge a book by its cover. That is a law almost as old as printing and maybe before. Lots of books with plain covers have been awesome and even more books with terrific covers have been horrid reads.

I have no idea how the Zadu stories will be but the covers ... well, they make me interested.


My Grade: -


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