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Full Name: Netto
Nationality: Indian
Organization: Indian Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Hugh Gantzer
Time Span: 1973 - 1977


First Look:

     Netto is an agent with Indian Intelligence.

     I know very little about this individual. I do not even know for certain whether Netto is the operative's first or last name though I would lean heavily on the latter.

     What I do know comes from fellow spy-fan Narayan Radhakrishnan who describes this individual as being "quiet and unassuming" and someone who "used more of brain than brawn in tackling sensitive issues, rather like George Smiley [over that of] James Bond".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1973
Last Appearance:1977

     The information for this very rare series come to me from the much appreciated email of Narayan Radhakrishnan who told me about this series and provided images and the synopses you see in quotes.

1 Operation Overkill Operation Overkill
Written by Hugh Gantzer
Copyright: 1973

"Netto was involved in bringing to book four Indian Naval officers who assassinated disparate leaders in order to create chaos in the country, forcing the government to declare military rule."

2 The President's Ransom The President's Ransom
Written by Hugh Gantzer
Copyright: 1973

"The Director of Internal Security [has] the President kidnapped just before the visit of the US President to India, so that the United Front Government would fall and his backers … unidentified … could take over."

3 The Thomas Document The Thomas Document
Written by Hugh Gantzer
Copyright: 1977

"The novel [centers] on a secret document written by St. Thomas, the apostle of Christ, the contents of which, if released would wreck the faith of millions, and strike at the very root of all Christian teaching. It is up to Netto to find the document, before the Nation falls into religious disharmony."


     None of these three adventures are listed as available on the Internet market so I have not yet read any of them - ergo, I have no comments.


My Grade: -


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