Writing as: Rick Jones

According to the bio on Amazon: "Rick Jones was born and raised in the Boston areaand is the bestselling author of the Vatican Knight series (THE VATICANKNIGHTS, SHEPHERD ONE, The ISCARIOT AGENDA, PANDORA'S ARK and THE BRIDGE OFBONES), the psychological thriller, FAMILIAR STRANGER, and the bestsellingaction/adventure series, The Eden Saga (THE CRYPTS OF EDEN, THE MENAGERIE andTHE THRONES OF EDEN)."

Series Books
The Genteel Man The Sons of Perdition (2023)
  Operation Night Blade (2023)
Jon Jericho Night Of The Hunter (2016)
  The Black Key (2017)
  Theater Of Operation (2017)
OUTCAST Ops Game Of Drones (2014)
Other The Tombs of Eden aka The Crypts of Eden [Eden Saga] (2012)
  Familiar Stranger (2013)
  The Menagerie [Eden Saga] (2013)
  The Thrones of Eden [Eden Saga] (2014)
  Mausoleum 2069 (2015)
  The Valley (2015)
  City Beneath the Sea [Atlantis] (2016)
  The Sacred Vault [Atlantis] (2018)
  City Within the Clouds [Atlantis] (2019)
  City Beneath the Ice [Atlantis] (2019)
  Killing Digital Hominids (2019)
  Jurassic Run (2021)