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Full Name: The Genteel Man
Codename: One
Nationality: American
Organization: The Organization
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rick Jones
Time Span: 2023 - 2023


The Genteel Man is an agent with the Organization.

The extremely hush-hush American governmental agency, according to the Genteel Man himself, is one in which We watch over other agencies that step beyond the boundaries that were created for them. There are protocols, and then there are protocols. For those who consider themselves elevated above the established rules, then it is up to me to act as the guardian to right a wrong. Like a parent with an unruly child."

He would further go on to tell the man he was explaining this all to, a man named Sage Whitmore who will eventually become someone working for the Organization as well, "We are so deeply buried ... that the alphabet soup agencies within the United States have no knowledge of our existence outside of the selected few." One of those few includes the President of the United States who is the groups "primary employer".

Inside the Organization, the Genteel Man is known as 'One' which he admits is "kind of vanilla" but suffices and that is what Whitmore will use to address him. It is not, however, the term used to refer to him throughout the recorded adventures. Whenever we read of his actions, which is a lot since he is one of the main participants in these adventures - though not the only one - he is called simply the 'Genteel Man'.

It is a bit odd but after a bit you get used to it and it really does fit the man, the way he looks and the way he acts. He is described as being tall and thin and immaculately dressed in a tailored suit, usually seen outdoors wearing a stylish fedora which in this modern world where few hats other than ballcaps are worn by men, it fits him so well that anymore seeing him would likely dismiss him as anything dangerous. Even he calmly describes himself to another individual as "I'm a man who sits back and observes matters that could be considered as questionable undertakings by certain organizations.". It is also said of him that he "was a man of remarkable reserve and refinement, especially in his approach to speaking, which was that of a highly educated man".

Mind you, he would, moments later, point a pistol at that individual and calmly assure him that "I am quite a shot. Rarely do I miss, especially from a close range", and then go on to prove it, to that man's detriment.

Eventually assisting the Genteel Man, as mentioned above, is Commander Sage Whitmore, designated 'Sierra One' of eight in the small CIA-backed black-arm paramilitary unit known as the Sons of Perdition. "They had no identities, no parents, no backgrounds, no social security numbers, or birthdates - they were nonexistent to everyone except for the leading principals at Langley." That group, in the first adventure, being used off-book by a small group of very unethical, bad men in the American government to take down another equally unethical bad man and his bodyguards, which puts them on the outs with Agency and on their kill list, at least until the Genteel Man realizes they had been duped and decided he could make use of those still alive.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Sons of Perdition The Sons of Perdition
Written by Rick Jones
Copyright: 2023

The Sons of Perdition is a CIA-affiliated paramilitary team. They were given orders to attack the guarded home of a US Senator and retrieve a set of files and remove the politician in the process. They are successful. Now that team is being hunted and eliminated and the remaining members want to know why and to stop the hunt. So does the Genteel Man who has his own reasons for getting involved.
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2 Operation Night Blade Operation Night Blade
Written by Rick Jones
Copyright: 2023

"When a CIA spy ship masquerades as a cruise ship scuttled by a Russian sub, the Genteel Man activates his team, the Sons of Perdition. Onboard is the most technologically advanced weapon of warfare: Night Blade, which lies 700 feet below sea level. As the ship sits precariously on a marine shelf threatening to spill over into an abyss, Sage Whitmore and his team must navigate dangerously through corridors battling not only time but a team of Russian Spetsnaz, who also covet the weapon."
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When I started to read this series, even though I had clearly seen the title of the series being "The Genteel Man", I was certain that the main character of the series was Sage Whitmore and when I followed the actions that he and his fellow Sons of Perdition were doing, I was rather stunned. It looked like they were up to naughty stuff - which it turns out they were though not because they were naughty themselves. My brow was a bit knitted for a bunch of pages.

It got even more wrinkly when the Genteel Man came on stage, so to speak, as he was definitely not a part of the Sons of Perdition so not with Whitmore so ... what the heck was going on.

That confusion quickly led to interest as I saw that whatever he was doing, it was considerably more clandestine (and thus spy-like) than the brute force actions the Sons were doing. Who is this man, I wondered, and why is he always referred to as 'the Genteel Man'? After two pretty interesting adventures, I have a much better idea of the first and still no clue to the second.

Truth be told, I found after a time that the constant reference to 'the Genteel Man' was always more than a bit odd ... and that I really got to like it! Go figure!

I really hope the author, Rick Jones, keeps giving us more stories about the Genteel Man.


My Grade: A-


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