1909 - 1976

Writing as: Charles Franklin, Frank Lester, Frank Usher

According to Wikipedia: "Charles Franklin, the pen-name of Frank Hugh Usher, (22 October 1909 - 1976) born in Leicester, Leicestershire, a British author of mystery novels and spy novels. He also wrote under the pen-names Frank Usher, and Frank Lester.

Little interested in the whodunit, still in vogue in England in the immediate post-war period, he followed in the footsteps of Peter Cheyney and David Hume and showed a clear penchant for Noir fiction and, less surprisingly, from the 1960s, for spy novels.

Under the pseudonym Charles Franklin, he published his first novel, Exit Without Permit, in 1946, with his most famous recurring hero, Grant Garfield, a young and intrepid lawyer, sometimes assisted in his twelve investigations, by his charming secretary Barbara Wenthworth. After abandoning Garfield, he wrote three novels for Inspector Jim Burgess, and three others for the spy Maxine Dangerfield, a kind of female James Bond. He also published under Charles Franklin's name historical works dealing with famous legal or criminal cases.

Under his birth name, he was the author of the adventures of Daye Smith, a portrait painter and amateur sleuth.[1] He also used this name for his fantasy short stories and a short series of spy novels centred on the duo of Amanda Curzon and her sidekick Oscar Sallis."

Series Books
Charles Franklin
Maxine Dangerfield The Dangerous Ones (1964)
  On The Day Of The Shooting (1965)
  Death In The East (1967)
  The Escape (1968)
Other Exit Without Permit [Grant Garfield] (1946)
  Cocktails With a Stranger (1947)
  Rope of Sand (1948)
  The Mark of Kane [Grant Garfield] (1949)
  Storm in an Inkpot [Grant Garfield] (1949)
  One Night to Kill (1950)
  She'll Love You Dead [Grant Garfield] (1950)
  Escape to Death (1951)
  Maid for Murder (1951)
  Gallows for a Fool [Grant Garfield] (1952)
  The Stranger Came Back [Grant Garfield] (1953)
  Play With Death (1953)
  Stop That Man [Grant Garfield] (1954)
  Perchance to Kill (1954)
  The Trembling Thread (1955)
  Girl in Shadow [Grant Garfield] (1955)
  Out of Time (1956)
  No Other Victim (1957)
  Face the Music (1957)
  Darling Murderess (1957)
  Death on My Shoulder [Grant Garfield] (1958)
  Breathe No More [Grant Garfield] (1959)
  Guilty You Must Be [Grant Garfield] (1959)
  Guilt for Innocence [Inspector Jim Burgess] (1960)
  A Handful of Sinners (1960)
  Kill Me and Live [Inspector Jim Burgess] (1961)
  Fear Runs Softly [Grant Garfield] (1961)
  The Bath of Acid [Inspector Jim Burgess] (1962)
  Murder Before Dinner (1963)
  The Fortieth Victim (1963)
  The Dangerous Ones [Maxine Dangerfield] (1964)
  A Mirror of Murder (1964)
  On the Day of the Shooting [Maxine Dangerfield] (1965)
  The World’s Worst Murderers (NF) (1965)
  The World’s Famous Trials (NF) (1967)
  Woman in the Case (1967)
  Death in the East (1967)
  They Walked a Crooked Miles (NF) (1967)
  Spies of the Twenthieth Century (NF) (1967)
  The World’s Greatest Scandals (NF) (1967)
  The Escape [Maxine Dangerfield] (1968)
  World Famous Acquittals (NF) (1970)
  The Murder Column (1970)
  The Third Degree (1970)
  The Home Secretary Affair (1971)
  Died in the Grass (1971)
  The KGB is Here (1972)
  Murder on My Hands (1973)
Frank Lester
Other The Corpse Wore Rubies [Geoffrey Slade] (1958)
  Death in the South Wind [Geoffrey Slade] (1958)
  The Golden Murder [Geoffrey Slade] (1959)
  Death of a Frightened Traveller (1959)
  Death of A Pale Man [Geoffrey Slade] (1960)
  The Bamboo Girl [Geoffrey Slade] (1961)
  Hide My Body [Geoffrey Slade] (1961)
  Fly Me a Killer [Geoffrey Slade] (1962)
  Lead Me to the Gallows (1962)
  Finch Takes to Crime (1963)
Frank Usher
Amanda Curzon The Man From Moscow (1965)
  No Flowers In Brazlov (1968)
  The Boston Crab (1970)
Other Ghost of a Chance [Daye Smith] (1956)
  The Lonely Cage [Daye Smith] (1956)
  Portrait of Fear [Daye Smith] (1957)
  The Price of Death [Daye Smith] (1957)
  Death is Waiting [Daye Smith] (1958)
  First To Kill [Daye Smith] (1959)
  Death in Error [Daye Smith] (1959)
  Die, My Darling [Daye Smith] (1960)
  Shot in the Dark [Daye Smith] (1961)
  The Faceless Stranger [Daye Smith] (1961)
  Fear Runs Softly (1961)
  Who Killed Rosa Gray? [Daye Smith] (1962)
  Fall Into My Grave [Daye Smith] (1962)
  Body in Velvet (1963)
  Stairway to Murder [Daye Smith] (1964)