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Full Name: Eve Drum
Codename: Oh-Oh-Sex
Nationality: American
Organization: League of Undercover Spies and Terrorist
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rod Gray
Time Span: 1967 - 1975


Eve Drum is an agent for L.U.S.T.

Eve Drum works for the League of Undercover Spies and Terrorists. She fights against the Humanitarian Alliance of Total Espionage. Until you look at the acronyms, you'd have to be confused who were the good guys. On one side you have Terrorists against an Humanitarian Alliance. Then you look again to see it is Lust against Hate. Just shows something, I guess!

The origin of L.U.S.T. is said to have been a 'natural child of the State Department by way of the CIA'. The task of the organization, run by the ever horny David Anderjanian, is 'to do those things that must be done to preserve peace throughout the world'. About Anderjanian, it should be stated that while he is a demanding boss, he is friendly enough with Drum to be her sometime lover.

L.U.S.T.'s key agent is the delectable Drum, a woman determined to give her all again and again in the service of her country. For protection, she has a pair of 38's that will knock 'em dead every time. It is not revealed how many other agents L.U.S.T. has but perhaps with Drum other agents are not really necessary. She is a drop-dead gorgeous ash-blonde famale who has the codename of Oh Oh Sex (nickname was given her by her boss out of respect and recognition).

The biggest enemy of L.U.S.T. is the evil organization known as the Humanitarian Alliance of Total Espionage, aka H.A.T.E. As Drum puts in one adventure, that group is "my personal boogie man and I maintain a constant vendetta against them. We were natural enemies. When we met in the field or in the bed, it was always a battle to the death".


Number of Books:23
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1975

       As the West's love for spy fiction reached its highest point with James Bond on the screen and Napoleon Solo on the television, it was natural that publishers would branch out with series geared totally towards a love of down-and-dirty sex. The year 1967 was a heyday for such prurient entertainment as the Man from O.R.G.Y., first out in 1965, was joined by the Coxeman and the Man from T.O.M.C.A.T. They were accompanied by the Lady from L.U.S.T.
       The first series ran for 18 books from 1967-1972. Eve came back for more action three years later and stayed for several adventures before leaving for good.

       There is confusion about the proper ordering of these books which results in the fact that the first series was published by Tower (1-13) and then Belmont (14-16 as well as 1-4 again) and then Belmont-Tower (17-18). A year or so later, Belmont-Tower re-ran the series but with many of the books in a different order. This information comes from a fun site on the series, Lady From Lust Checklist.
       The order I use herein is from the first set.

1 The Lady From L.U.S.T. The Lady From L.U.S.T.
aka Lust Be A Lady Tonight

Copyright: 1967

Eve Drum goes up against a super-villian who has plans to destroy N.A.T.O. and get the Cold War really heated.

2 Lay Me Odds Lay Me Odds

Copyright: 1967

Drums goes up against the minions of H.A.T.E. and uses her natural talents to confuse theirs.

3 The 69 Pleasures The 69 Pleasures

Copyright: 1967

Drum’s target is the insidious Chinese crime organization called D.R.A.G.O.N. She must pose bump and grind her way as an exotic dancer to stop a plot to kill the President.

4 Five Beds To Mecca Five Beds To Mecca

Copyright: 1968

The group Drum is combating is a bunch of fanatics from A.L.L.A.H. and she needs to go to the Middle East to work with an Israeli agent to stop their plans, letting herself become a sex slave to sneak her way inside.

5 The Hot Mahatma The Hot Mahatma

Copyright: 1968

Once again the evil people from D.R.A.G.O.N. have hatched a bizarre plot. This time the lead baddie is a murderous maharajah with plans to take over India.

6 To Russia With L.U.S.T. To Russia With L.U.S.T.

Copyright: 1968

To get a high level Soviet official to become a source of valuable intelligence, Drum must love her way into the Kremlin without exposing her mission.

7 Kiss My Assassin Kiss My Assassin

Copyright: 1968

Drum has the hard job of moving into a villa near Naples and live it up in style while a band of neo-Nazis try to take over the world, starting with her body.

8 South Of The Bordello South Of The Bordello

Copyright: 1968

Drug-popping terrorists are massing below the border, funded and supplied by the Red Chinese, and Drum's job is to destroy their nest.

9 The Poisoned Pussy The Poisoned Pussy
aka Sock It To Me

Copyright: 1968

"Sock it to me, says Eve Drum ... and that is what they are all dying to try ... and dieing trying."

10 The Big Snatch The Big Snatch

Copyright: 1970

Drum heads to Thailand to take on the baddies there. "When Eve uncovers the big snatch in Thailand the nativs get hot and restless."

11 Laid In The Future Laid In The Future

Copyright: 1970

Somehow Eve is transported to the year 3693 to find the men and women of that era have forgotten how to make love. She is determined to teach them all she knows.

12 Lady In Heat Lady In Heat

Copyright: 1970

Hunting witches can be a lot of work but Drum is willing to attend a black mass in London, an orgy in Paris, and even head to California to take on a witch cult.

13 Blow My Mind Blow My Mind

Copyright: 1971

"It's enemy agents armed with ESP against Eve's Extra Sensuous Body in a thriller that will blow your mind."

14 The Copulation Explosion The Copulation Explosion

Copyright: 1970

Scientists have created a strange creature, half gorilla and half cheetah but all male and it is Drum's job to tame him.

15 Easy Ride Easy Ride

Copyright: 1971

The pollution at Lake Soledad has become deadly to humans, threatening a governmental research facitility. Eve Drum is sent to find out who is behind it, a shady industrialist or a motorcycle gang or both.

16 The Lady Takes It All Off The Lady Takes It All Off

Copyright: 1971

Drum gets personal with a group of bomb-throwing freaks who want to disrupt everything. Drum shows just how disruptive one sexy spy can be.

17 Turned On To Lust Turned On To Lust

Copyright: 1971

The Mob seems to be working with the Chinese to get tens of thousands of American men hooked on dangerous drugs. Eve must head to Bahia to uncover the truth.

18 Skin Game Dame Skin Game Dame

Copyright: 1972

Spies are using porn movies to pass vital information and Eve Drum is ordered to put them to bed. She is quite good at that.

19 Go For Broke Go For Broke

Copyright: 1975

#1 of the New series - Trying to track down art stolen from Italian museums, Eve Drum infiltrates a Neopolitan carnival where she encounters men of all shapes and sizes, even as she grapples with agents from H.A.T.E.

20 Have A Snort! Have A Snort!

Copyright: 1975

#2 of the New series - With cocaine flying everywhere one looked, Eve Drum is sent to find out who is behind the flood of dangerous drugs and stop them in her unique way.

21 Target For Tonight Target For Tonight

Copyright: 1975

#3 of the New series - [plot unknown]

22 The Maracaibo Affair The Maracaibo Affair

Copyright: 1975

#4 of the New series - The totally despicable El Carnicero deserves to die a horrible death for the many atrocities he has committed but, strangely, Eve’s job is keep him alive.

23 Voodoo Kill Voodoo Kill

Copyright: 1975

#5 of the New series - Drum must head to the voodoo capital to take on a cult which claims to bring the dead back to life. She is pretty good at raising the dead herself.

24 The Lady Killer The Lady Killer

Copyright: 1975

#6 of the New series - Eve Drum is faced with her old nemesis, H.A.T.E. as they unleash yet another plot to take over the world, or at least cause a lot of trouble.

25 Kill Her With Love Kill Her With Love

Copyright: 1975

#7 of the New series - [plot unknown]


As spy books, these adventures are a waste. As titillating books, these are almost a waste. The writing is deplorable, the action, other than sexual, is almost non-existant, the dialogue laughable, and everything else is bad, too.

Apparently, however, they sold well enough to have the publisher come out with two different series. The first one sold good enough to go 18 books. That's a lot of books. I can't see why, and I am a guy who loves to read about a good romp. The trouble I saw was that there were none. But millions of copies seem to put me in the minority.


My Grade: D


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