Writing as: Eleanor Gray, Eve Isherwood, G. S. Locke, E. V. Seymour, Eve Seymour

According to the bio on her website: "E.V. Seymour is the author of thirteen novels and has had a number of short stories broadcast on BBC Radio Devon. After a short and successful career in PR in London and Birmingham, she married and disappeared to Devon. Five children later, she returned and began to write seriously and has bent the ears of numerous police officers, firearms officers, scenes of crime, the odd lawyer and United Nations personnel. She also works by day as a freelance editorial consultant, specialising in crime fiction and thrillers."

Series Books
Eleanor Gray
Other Don't Tell Anyone (2016)
Eve Isherwood
Other Absent Light (2007)
G. S. Locke
Other Neon (2020)
E. V. Seymour
Paul Tallis The Last Exile (2008)
  The Mephisto Threat (2009)
  Land Of Ghosts (2010)
  Resolution To Kill (2012)
Josh Thane A Deadly Trade (2017)
  Final Target (2017)
Other House of Lies (2017)
  Her Sister's Secret (2019)
Eve Seymour
Other Beautiful Losers [Kim Slade] (2016)
  An Imperfect Past [Kim Slade] (2017)