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Full Name: Josh Thane
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Assassin

Creator: E. V. Seymour
Time Span: 2017 - 2017


Joshua 'Josh' Thane is a freelance assassin.

He kills people for money and he is very good at it. If the client has a special condition in mind, such as making it look like an accident or a mugging, he is more than qualified to give that kind of service though he charges a good deal for it. If his clients were inclined to talk about it, which naturally they are not, they would give high praise for his results.

Exactly how many years he has been at this not-so-nice occupation is not specified but it is certainly has been over a decade which makes Thane well into his 30's and not planning on changing anything in his life anytime soon.

At least he wasn't until the assignment we first watch him on - kill a middle aged woman in her home and get from her house a hard drive. Simple. Except when he arrived in the late evening to take care of the matter, she was already murdered and the hard drive gone. And then there was the matter of her young son which Thane was not told about and should have been and Thane should not have left a witness but chose to do so.

And that is when Thane's life takes a drastic change and when he will find himself working with, although not particularly willingly, with Inger McCallen, the beautiful woman with "the pale colouring, the copper-coloured hair, and flinty manner" who joined in the investigation but with a difference. McCallen was not police. She was MI-5 which meant that the murder victim was somebody important to national security or the hard drive was or both. It also meant that Thane's career was about to take a major turn.

Thane is smart enough to know that MI-5's job was not to catch and incarcerate criminals, even killers like Thane. It was to protect the security of the country and that often meant dealing with people like Thane and once they have hold of a craftsman tool as honed and sharp as someone like Thane, they aren't likely to let it go.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 A Deadly Trade A Deadly Trade
Written by E. V. Seymour
Copyright: 2017

Josh Thane had the contract to eliminate a prominent British microbiologist and retrieve a hard drive she had in a safe. When he showed up at her place that night, she was already dead and the hard drive gone. What was there was her young son. Thane makes the cardinal sin and chooses to spare the boy. This will put both of them in the sites of some powerful forces.
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2 Final Target Final Target
Written by E. V. Seymour
Copyright: 2017

Living under the radar in London, Josh Thane has given up the old life; left the killing and danger behind him. Then MI5 agent McCallen approaches him for help in a mission to Berlin and he cannot find it in him to refuse her. When she later disappears, Thane knows the only way to save her is to walk into the trap he knows has been set for him.
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I loved this two-book series a ton. I really wished there had been more. The author certainly left the door open for lots more but chose to move on to other things. But who knows, maybe she will decide at some point to revisit Thane and McCellen and give greedy chaps like me another taste of this pairing.

What I liked about the books is two-fold.

First is the terrific pacing. The stories move along at a fast and steady clip so there is always something to watch or to think about or to consider but it is not so speedy that it blurred past important landmarks. I did not have to go back to look for something I missed and I never, ever, had to skip over boring passages.

Second is the characters. I felt I always knew enough about them to 'see' them and to understand them without weighed down. The author is a master at giving what is needed and nothing more. Darned good writing.


My Grade: A-


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