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Full Name: Paul Tallis
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: E. V. Seymour
Time Span: 2008 - 2012


Paul Tallis is an unofficial agent of MI5.

It is unofficial in that he is off the books, most definitely so. His boss in that department has no hesitation in calling on this experienced, capable operative but he also just shrugs unapologetically when the subject of Tallis' being on his own should trouble arise. MI5 would provide assistance and occasionally backup but if things started hitting fans, Tallis knew he was on his own.

Tallis does not particularly like it but he understands, considering his background, and he grudgingly accepts the situation. He knows that he cannot exist doing normal work, clocking in 8 to 5 every day, and he also knows that he is darn good at getting results. He also knows that to some he is a sacrificed lamb who won't stay dead and to others he is a pariah who lacks the decency to disappear.

Before his work with MI5, Paul Tallis had been a firearms expert for the Birmingham police department, one of their very best. He was the one who went first into any situation where shooting was likely to occur, the man whose job it was to take out the bad guy with whatever it took. Firing his weapon was never the first option but it was always near the front in the dangerous business of him-or-me suspect apprehension.

Therein lay Tallis's troubles and his fall from grace. Word from his superiors clearly demanded he stop a female terrorist from killing a lot of innocents and he did what he was ordered. When it turned out that she was not a bomber and had no explosives and the intelligence was just wrong, there was a call for a shakeup in the ranks to fix the problem and the same things that hit fans also roll downhill. Tallis was at the bottom of the hill. He was suddenly out of a job and practically untouchable. And that was how MI5 found him and knew he was available, relatively compliant, and totally deniable.

As the series starts, Paul Tallis is a strong 6'2" former member of not only the Birmingham Police but also the Staffordshire Regiment with whom he served for 8 years, joining at 16. An extremely harsh home-life with a father who much preferred Tallis's older brother, Dan, and never saw, let alone said, anything good to the younger Tallis. The discipline of the military fit his accustomed lifestyle and he was comfortable there. The same held true with the police department. Tallis liked it there.

When it was taken from him, he was at a loss. He worked as a security guard and hated every minute of it. He missed the company of other people with similar work and he missed being a part of something. Mostly he missed the action.

The unofficial offer from MI5 did not replace all the missing pieces in his former life because he usually worked alone with few to share his thoughts, anxieties, successes. But the work did bring him back to the action that he craved. He was good at it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2012

1 The Last Exile The Last Exile
Written by E. V. Seymour
Copyright: 2008

Paul Tallis has been suspended from his job as a cop for the shooting of a wrong person in a shopping center. Out of work and with his life in tatters, Tallis is approached by MI5 for an unofficial job tracking down several immigrants who were accidentally freed from jail. It was a simple job that turned suddenly complicated.

2 The Mephisto Threat The Mephisto Threat
Written by E. V. Seymour
Copyright: 2009

A reporter friend of Paul Tallis lets him know in Istanbul that he is onto a connection between the British criminal underground and international terrorism. Then the friend is killed and Tallis is on the hunt.

3 Land Of Ghosts Land Of Ghosts
Written by E. V. Seymour
Copyright: 2010

It is MI6 that approaches unofficial agent Paul Tallis for help tracking down an undercover agent who has gone rogue while in Chechnya. The rogue agent is an old friend of Tallis and he cannot believe his friend would be bad so he goes undercover in to get to the truth.

4 Resolution To Kill Resolution To Kill
Written by E. V. Seymour
Copyright: 2012

A series of kidnapping of UN personnel across Europe is the work of a group of all women with revenge as their motive. Paul Tallis is recalled to London to start the hunt to free the remaining hostages and stop the women. Things are seldom as they seem.


I really enjoyed the Paul Tallis books. The writing is excellent. The character is interesting. The plots are believable. The people are realistic.

It is the last one that really sets the series apart from most. The people are people you can believe exist. They have their fears and worries and likes and lusts and they come across like that. Bad guys have aspects that make them likeable and the good guys are not quite ready for halos.

This extends to Tallis who knows as he works his way into the confidences of the bad guys that he is doing work for the good guys while lying and cheating and other, nastier things. He has a conscience and a sense of right and wrong and sometimes they clash a bit.

But the best things about the Tallis books is letting you into his life and seeing him miss the things others have while knowing he really would not fit in. He would not mind a wife and kids but doing what he does, could he subject them to what would come? He came close once and it did not end well.

I look forward to a couple more Tallis adventures as the years go by. Four is not really enough.


My Grade: A-


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