1959 -

Writing as: Joe Dalton, Robert Doherty, Greg Donegan, Bob Mayer, Bob McGuire

A graduate of West Point, this former Green Beret knows quite a bit about the action that fills his novels so well. He also has a fantastic way of putting it in print.

Series Books
Joe Dalton
Mike Thorpe The Omega Missile (1998)
  The Omega Sanction (1999)
Robert Doherty
Other Psychic Warrior (2000)
Greg Donegan
Other Atlantis [Atlantis] (1999)
  Bermuda Triangle [Atlantis] (2000)
  Devil's Sea [Atlantis] (2001)
  Atlantis Gate [Atlantis] (2002)
  Assault on Atlantis [Atlantis] (2003)
  Battle For Atlantis [Atlantis] (2004)
Bob Mayer
The Cellar Bodyguard Of Lies (2010)
  Lost Girls (2011)
Other State of Grace (1980)
  The Outrider [Outrider] (1984)
  Fire and Ice [Outrider] (1984)
  Blood Highway [Outrider] (1984)
  Built to Kill [Outrider] (1985)
  Bay City Burnout [Outrider] (1985)
  The Last Boy Scout (movie novelization) (1991)
  Eyes of the Hammer [Dave Riley] (1992)
  Operation Dragon SIM-13 [Dave Riley] (1994)
  Cut Out [Dave Riley] (1995)
  Eternity Base [Dave Riley] (1996)
  Z [Dave Riley] (1997)
  Don't Look Down (with Jennifer Crusie) (2006)
  Agnes and the Hitman (with Jennifer Crusie) (2007)
  Wild Ride (with Jennifer Crusie) (2009)
  The Jefferson Allegiance (2011)
  Black Ops Section 8 (2011)
  Duty, Honor, Country (2011)
  Area 51: Nightstalkers (2012)
  I, Judas - The 5th Gospel (2012)
Bob McGuire
Other The Line (1996)
  The Gate (1997)