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Full Name: Room 59
Nationality: International
Organization: Room 59
Occupation Agency

Creator: Cliff Ryder
Time Span: 2008 - 2009


       Room 59 is a sub-bureau in the IIA.
       The continued growth of terrorism in the world has made the leading nations know that special measures are needed. They create a new, independent body called the International Intelligence Agency. Most of the activity by this organization is intelligence gathering and dissemination but there was no doubt that an enforcement arm was needed. Those who work in that section report to Room 59 at headquarters, the only designation used officially for the division.
       That group is sanctioned to seek out and eliminate threats to world order, no matter the location. When no one nation can handle a situation, the agents from Room 59 are called in.
       Recruited from all the major players in the clandestine community, the men and women who work for Room 59 are the best, sworn to put the world first and their countries second, however hard that may be.
       Leading Room 59 is a tough, still fairly young woman named Kate Cochran, beautiful but demanding and not afraid to order people to their deaths, or take them there herself. Cochran, a wealthy woman in her mid 30's, divorced with no children, was a mid-level analyst for the CIA before being moved to Room 59 and soon thereafter into the Directorship. She answers to her superiors at IIA but she runs Room 59 with complete authority.
       And she is one very tough cookie. In addition to regular sparring lessons with her bodyguard who is one of the best at hand-to-hand combat, she is a crack shot and a brilliant analyst capable of seeing patterns that most totally miss. She is also capable of a cold-bloodedness that is daunting. In one case, a married pair of agents that she knows well cross the line and one of them probably betrays her trust - with considerable regret but no hesitation she orders their elimination.


       Created by the same publisher that produces the Stony Man and Executioner series, Gold Eagle, the Room 59 books are written by the house name of Cliff Ryder, with each book handed to an individual writer, often the same ones who create the other two series.
       As a house publication, there isn't a lot of character development. With this series, there is even less as each book has a different agent as the focus.
       But the same fast paced, high excitement, tons of action that marks the Gold Eable brand is present in this series. And sometimes that is enough.
       I've said, probably too often, that it's like the difference between fine dining and fast food; most people would prefer the former but the latter definitely has its place, too.


My Grade: C+


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