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Full Name: Mikael Josef Petros
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: -
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: James Anderson
Time Span: 1969 - 1974


Mikael Petros is a freelance agent.

That is about the best way to put it because the truth is far more long-winded. Petros is a condemned prisoner in an unspecified totalitarian country ruled by a leader designated as the Chairman. By implication and using names as an indicator, it is probable that the country is either the Soviet Union or East Germany. One large indicator is the fact that a neighboring country is being led by a man named Kaufmann and that leader is planning to take a giant leap and sever relations with the larger neighbor, an act that would have devastating financial consequences for the regime.

Petros comes into the picture by being a former soldier who has served in the regime's army, rising to the rank of Major in 12 years and looking like a success when something changed his life dramatically and he resigned. His next three years were spent doing low paying odd jobs and looking down, working at pumping gas before he was convicted for murder and sentenced to death. At the age of 35, he looks like a man with no future.

Just days before the execution, he is approached by a mysterious man who offers him a chance at life and a new start if he would take one crazy assignment - kill the President of a neighboring country. With little to choice except death, he reluctantly accepts. This pulls the convict from death row and into the world of international back-stabbing and intrigue the likes he never expected. Even when that job ends in a way he would have never predicted, Petros is not allowed to just vanish and his notoriety brings yet another job he cannot refuse.

Petros is decidedly not an agent in the traditional sense but he is a man who is thrown into a mess that he cannot control and can barely survive. He manages, though, to prove to those expect him to fail miserably that a desperate man is capable of many incredible things.

This two-book series bears considerable similarity to the two-book tale of Roy Tucker, another convict offered a chance at life if he will kill a political leader.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1974

1 Assassin Assassin
Written by James Anderson
Copyright: 1969

In prison for murder and prepared to be executed in a short while, Petros is offered a chance for a new life if he would do one small job - kill a very popular political leader in his country.

2 The Abolition Of Death The Abolition Of Death
Written by James Anderson
Copyright: 1974

Now a relatively free man in the country of leader he killed, Petros is asked to take the crazy assignment of going back into his old country to help a biochemist escape, a man who may have found the secret of long life.


It is hard to not root for the main character. Yes, he has agreed to save his life by killing a leader who has never hurt him but he enters the agreement with no clear plan to do anything one way or the other and he is like most people in that he just wants to live. The fact that situation keeps changing, constantly throwing him off, makes the stories very interesting and that he is able to roll with the strange punches and still bounce back is fun to read.

The writing is straightforward and interesting. I never get too close to Petros and there were times when I wished I had a better idea of what he was thinking but the stories are still quite readable regardless.

Sometimes I ask that there be more books about a character. I cannot say that about Petros because I do not think there was anywhere to take the character and I think the author left him at a good stopping place.


My Grade: C+


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