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Full Name: Jack McClure
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Eric Van Lustbader
Time Span: 2008 - 2013


Jack McClure is an agent with the ATF.

More importantly to the series, McClure is a friend to the President of the United States and it is this friendship that moves the highly impressive Special Agent into cases he normally would have never seen.

McClure has a rough upbringing. Suffering from dyslexia that made him a bad student in school, laughed at and taunted by classmates, and yelled at and abused at home, he never fit in. It would be many hard years before he began to realize that the dyslexia allowed him to look at things in ways that those without the affliction would never consider and he started to use it. He became a government agent, met and fell in love with Sharon, married and became a father. His daughter, Emma, was the high point in his life.

As the series opens, McClure is struggling with a shattered life. His daughter, grown to adulthood and attending college, had been killed many months before in a car crash and, throwing himself into his work to focus on something other than the pain, he never saw his marriage disintegrate. Alone and extremely unhappy, he is barely hanging on.

When Emma's best friend, Ally, is kidnapped, her rescue becomes a chance for McClure to get some purpose back in his life. He does not realize that while trying to save this college-age daughter of the newly elected President, he will have to face the ghost of his daughter and the tragedy of her end. This decision to help find her will mark the beginning for a different phase of his life. Still an ATF officer, he is moved from law enforcement to the shadowy world of underhanded politics, international backstabbing, and the strange marriage of conveniences that bring those out for money to work with those out for power.

Of note in this series is how the daughter of the President, Ally Carson, rises in importance in the series from being a kidnap victim to being a person working side-by-side with McClure. In the third book, the tag "A McClure - Carson Novel" can be found.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2013

1 First Daughter First Daughter
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 2008

The newly elected President asks Jack McClure, his old friend, to take charge of the hunt for his kidnapped daughter despite the fact that McClure is still reeling from the death of his own daughter.

2 Last Snow Last Snow
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 2010

A US Senator who was supposed to be on a trip to the Ukraine is found dead on the island of Capri. The President asks McClure to investigate and he is aided by the President's daughter.
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3 Blood Trust Blood Trust
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 2011

Alli Carson has thrown herself into her new life as an FBI agent to recover from her recent loss but now she is the prime suspect in a murder that has webs on intrigue stretching as far as Albania. She desparately needs the help of Jack McClure.
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4 Father Night Father Night
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 2012

Jack McClure is in Russia trying to help his lover protect her father, a wealthy man whose failing health is bringing out the vultures. As he does, his surrogate daughter Alli is being cyberstalked. And a man known only at the Syrian has a plot for terrific power. All three tales are related.

5 Beloved Enemy Beloved Enemy
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 2013

Shortly after a late night meeting between Jack McClure and the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary is found murdered. McClure is hunted for the killing and is determined to find out who really did it.


McClure has some major issues, especially as the series starts, and that means I had some serious issues with him. More than once I growled loudly at the gigantic shoulder chip that man was carrying. Eventually he becomes a better person, at least better than he was, but perhaps I just got used to him.

The author is an extremely gifted and experienced writer, one who has given me numerous hours of pleasurable reading and these books continue his streak. Once you get over McClure's attitude and begin to see him as a caring man who just cannot handle the grief, the series becomes darn good. The first book is filled with a lot of angst but considering he has recently lost his daughter and his marriage, perhaps I am too hard on the guy.


My Grade: A-


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