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Full Name: Jax Alexander and Tobie Guinness
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. S. Graham
Time Span: 2008 - 2010


Jax Alexander and Tobie Guinness are agents of the CIA.

Of the two, only Alexander is a Farm-trained, experienced operative with the Agency. Guinness is more of a pressed-into-service member of the team and not very happy about it at that.

"Jax" Alexander is the grandson of a rich and powerful U.S. Senator whose only daughter had as a young woman fallen for a long-haired hippie guitar player and ran off to live a free and carefree life. This lasted about four years but did result in the one child. After that, mommie began to go through a series of husbands, each lasting a handful of years and each one seeming to make up for the fact that the first was dirt poor. Jax was sent off to boarding school when he was old enough and lived that solitary life until he was old enough to join the military. There he excelled as he was already used to depending on no one and able to handle himself in any scrape.

After his service, he was asked to join the Agency and there he really hit his stride. Many successful missions followed and his was a shining star on the rise, certain to succeed. Not even a minor scrape in Columbia where he became angry with American involvement with right-wing death squads and during a cocktail party at the Embassy, had words with and eventually a fist in the face of the current Ambassador. That altercation would return to haunt him as years later that same politico was named Directer of the CIA. Though Alexander's pedigree and his record made firing him a difficult task, transferring him to a garbage-detail that was Department 13 was not so hard.

October "Tobie" Guinness was not a trained agent. She was the daughter of a career military man and step-daughter of an oil man who spent most of her upbringing in different countries. She had an ear for languages and a quick agile brain that matched her physical talents, including a black belt in Tai Kwan Doe. She had joined the military like her father and was stationed in Iraq when she had her first practical experience with "remote viewing" and knew a mission was not what it seemed. When she tried to protect the lives of her fellow soldiers and innocent civilians, she ran up against a wall and was kicked out with a psychiatric discharge.

That was when she really began to know what remote viewing was - the ability of some people to "see" behind walls and over great distances. It was a segment of parapsychology that several branches of the military of several countries were interested in and she had unusually good abilities with it. Unfortunately, it was hardly an exact science and not always accurate or understood.

In this three-book series, Alexander is first sent in to help protect Guinness and then later "partner" with her on a couple of assignments. Though attracted to each other, Alexander has trouble believing in the hocus-pocus ability Guinness has and Guinness has less than kind words to say about the macho manner in which Alexander goes about his job.

They make a darn good team.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2010

1 The Archangel Project The Archangel Project
Written by C. S. Graham
Copyright: 2008

A professor at Tulane University is killed in a fire that destroyed his offices. Since he was involved in the CIA's remote viewing project, Jax Alexander is sent to investigate, joined by Tobie Guinnes, a viewer herself. Soon they find themselves becoming the hunted by forces that reach as far as the White House.
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2 The Solomon Effect The Solomon Effect
Written by C. S. Graham
Copyright: 2009

For more than a half century the U-boat sunk off Russia has held its horrific cargo but then someone looking for it for some time has succeeded and the death toll is rising. Jax Alexander and Tobie Guinness are in a race to find out who is behind the deaths and to stop them.
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3 The Babylonian Codex The Babylonian Codex
Written by C. S. Graham
Copyright: 2010

Tobie Guinness agrees to remote view an artifact stolen from Iraq but this act puts her in the crosshairs on several deaths and makes her the prime suspect. A fugitive, she must ask help from Jax Alexander to find out who is doing the killing, stop them, and clear her name.
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I took a while before stepping into this series as my desire to mix spy-fi with sci-fi (or more accurately, psi-fi) kept pulling me away. That was a shame as once I "forced" myself to read it, I really, really enjoyed the series. Alexander is good at being a "get-the-job-done" kind of agent who suffers from "don't-give-a-darn" attitude at the same time, a strange combination that definitely works. Guinness is not a frail, "please-save-me" female, either. She can fight hand-to-hand with skill, has a darn good ability with languages, enjoys a sharp intellect, and is stubborn enough to want to have on your side.

The remote viewing is a bit of a grasp for this reader but the pair of authors that are C.S Graham pull it off and for that they are to be commended. The stories are enjoyable and fast-paced. The plots are interesting. The characters are great fun. I hope they do more.


My Grade: B


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