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Full Name: Milo March
Nationality: American
Organization: Intercontinental Insurance
Occupation Other - Investigator

Creator: M. E. Chaber
Time Span: 1952 - 1973


       Milo March is an Insurance Investigator.
       Making his home in Denver, Colorado, March is a freelance investigator though the majority of his business comes from the fictional but powerful Intercontinental Insurance. He is extremely good at his job, making him the person to call when the big trouble happens but he is also not cheap, a factor that plagues the head of the investigating unit of Intercontinental.
       A member of the OSS during WWII and a founding member of the CIA for many years, March's talent made him a well respected agent and his easy-going manner and friendly style kept him from gaining too many enemies, except for those on the other side. Eventually, however, he decided settling down was called for and he left for the private sector. Considering the far-flung areas his various assignments would take him, though, settling down never happened.
       March never sees a drink that doesn't need sipping or a lovely lady that doesn't need kissing and he is too gallant to refuse either. He is good with a gun and a knife and not bad with his fists but his biggest weapon is his brain which keeps him from having to use either too much.
       Milo March is included in this collection because, as a former member of Military Intelligence, the OSS, and the CIA, he is often hired or pressed into service by one government agency or another for cases that take him overseas a lot. It is a good thing he speaks other languages fluently, especially German which comes in handy when East Germany gets involved.


Number of Books:21
First Appearance:1952
Last Appearance:1973

       In the individual book listing below, are marked with an [I] for those adventures that are of an insurace investigation nature, [S] for those for the government which are spy stories, and [B] for those which are both, usually starting out as investigation and ending up spy-related.

Note: Regarding the book covers displayed herein, Paperback Library acquired the soft-cover rights to many of the author's novels and published them in its own order, numbering them according to this publishing and not according to the order in which they were written or the chronological order of the stories. In total, 25 books were released. 21 of these were Milo March books and marked as so in the upper right circle with "A Milo March Mystery" while the remaining 4 were marked as by the author of the Milo March mysteries. These other books dealt with another insurance investigator, Brian Brett, written in the mid to late 50s' and published under the pseudonym of Christopher Monig. The character was quite similar in style to March. These books were:
The Burned Man aka Don't Count The Corpses (1956)
Abra-Cadaver (1958)
Once Upon A Crime (1959)
The Lonely Graves (1960)

1 Hangman's Harvest Hangman's Harvest
aka Don't Get Caught
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1952

[I] March is the man hired to investigate how deeply a small city had become corrupted by graft.

2 No Grave For March No Grave For March
aka All The Way Down
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1953

[S] Military Intelligence asks March to go into the Soviet sector of Germany to hunt for a missing British diplomat.

3 The Man Inside The Man Inside
aka Now It's My Turn
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1954

[B] An amateur steals a priceless diamond and heads to the Far East to escape. March follows but begins to wonder if the thief was acting alone or was being forced.

4 As Old As Cain As Old As Cain
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1954

[I] A movie company wants to make a film about a small city in Ohio but someone is determined to stop them. March is hired to keep things safe - or get the ones preventing it.

5 The Splintered Man The Splintered Man
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1955

[S] Again working for Military Intelligence, March's job is to head into East Germany to kidnap a recent defector who knows too much to be allowed to stay.

6 A Lonely Walk A Lonely Walk
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1956

[S] In Rome to see if a death was an accident or murder, March finds that Communists, gangsters, and politicians make a very unpleasant set of opponents.

7 The Gallows Garden The Gallows Garden
aka Lady Came To Kill
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1958

[S] March is hired to find a missing college professor who has gone missing in a Caribbean nation while protesting the local government.

8 A Hearse Of Another Color A Hearse Of Another Color
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1958

[I] When two treasure hunters go missing off the coast of Louisiana, March is sent to help find them or find what happened to them.

9 So Dead The Rose So Dead The Rose
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1959

[S] March is again in the service of Military Intelligence to head to Berlin and Moscow to find missing classified documents.

10 Jade For A Lady Jade For A Lady
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1962

[B] The theft of jade jewelry in several separate robberies prompts an insurance company to send March to the Far East to find if it is simple theft or something more.

11 Softly In the Night Softly In the Night
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1963

[I] The arson of a mansion took the building and its two wealthy owners. The insurance company thinks it was for hire and wants to know by whom.

12 Uneasy Lies The Dead Uneasy Lies The Dead
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1964

[I] March is brought in when two huge policies on a long-missing union mob boss are ready to come due.

13 Six Who Ran Six Who Ran
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1964

[B] March is on the trail of two men and a woman who robbed an armored car and fled to Rio. His job is complicated by a corrupt Brazilian police captain.

14 Wanted: Dead Men Wanted: Dead Men
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1965

[S] What started out as a murder for insurance investigation turns trickier as March head to Europe in search of secret formulas with the CIA either helping or hindering.

15 The Day It Rained Diamonds The Day It Rained Diamonds
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1966

[I] Milo March takes on the Syndicate as he tries to retrieve stolen jewels.

16 A Man In The Middle A Man In The Middle
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1967

[S] A giant smuggling ring of items from the U.S. to Red China has both March's biggest insurance client and the CIA interested enough to pressure him to investigate.

17 Wild Midnight Falls Wild Midnight Falls
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1968

[S] Milo is hired by the CIA to go to Russia to find an agent missing for 3 months.

18 The Flaming Man The Flaming Man
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1969

[I] The death of a prominent owner of property in L.A.'s ghetto area could cost the insurance company many millions unless March can catch who was behind a series of torchings.

19 Green Grows The Graves Green Grows The Graves
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1970

[S] When a prominent Congressman is assassinated, March is brought in as the suspected killer indicates international intrigue.

20 The Bonded Dead The Bonded Dead
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1971

[B] The Syndicate is just one of the players in a grand scheme to steal and fence over a million in stolen bonds. The trail leads to Miami and possibly further.

21 Born To Be Hanged Born To Be Hanged
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1973

[I] An investment by the insurance company March works with has gone bad. Literally, a gold mine which seemed to have tapped into a lode, has dried up and things look like a scam.


Number of Stories:5
First Appearance:1952
Last Appearance:1961

1 The Jelly Roll Heist The Jelly Roll Heist
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1952

Published in Popular Detective, Sep 1952
[plot unknown[

2 Murder For Madame Murder For Madame
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1953

Published in Popular Detective, Fall 1953
[plot unknown]

3 The Man Inside The Man Inside
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1953

Published in Bluebook, Dec 1953
[plot unknown]

4 The Red, Red Flowers The Red, Red Flowers
Written by M. E. Chaber
Copyright: 1961

Published in Bluebook For Men, Feb 1961
[plot unknown]


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1958
Last Appearance:1958

1 The Man Inside The Man Inside
Director: John Gilling
Writer: David Shaw
Actors: Jack Palance as Milo March, Anita Ekberg as Trudy Hall, Nigel Patrick as Sam Carter
Released: 1958

Sam Carter is an English bookkeeper for a jeweler who sees a chance to change his life. He steals a priceless gem, killing a man in the process, and heads to the Continent to life a life he had always wanted. This includes chasing after beautiful women like Trudy Hall. Milo March is brought in to track him down.


       It is next to impossible not to like Milo March, either the series or the man. Definitely light-weight in both the private eye and espionage genres, they still earn their keep by being fast paced, easy-to-read, and just fun. March is quick with the quip and faster with the action and he likes to party as well. He has his own code, however, and those that break it learn to regret it.
       The author, M. E. Chaber, is a pseudonym for Kendell Foster Crossen who is also in this compendium with the Kim Locke series, a far grittier spy series. Of the two, I like March's easy approach to life.


My Grade: B+

Your Average Grade:   A-


raven4 B+ 2020-05-05

I read these eons ago (1960s). Due to my advanced case of CRS i cannot remember any of the plots. However, the Robert McGinnis covers, starring James Coburn ans strring some stunning eye-candy bring back fond memories

DHolloway A 2021-02-25

This series is being reissued as ebooks by Crossen''s daughter. They''re missing the McGinnis covers, but they have suitable pulp cover art. 12 have been published so far.

Tell us what you think of the series. Give your grade and comments.

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