1910 - 1981

Writing as: Bennett Barlay, M. E. Chaber, Ken Crossen, Kendell Foster Crossen, Richard Foster, Christopher Monig, Clay Richards

Born into a farming family in Ohio, Kendell Foster Crossen attended Rio Grande College in that state, playing football. After his formal education was over, he worked a variety of jobs including carnival barker and insurance investigator, knowledge of the latter definitely bringing him his best education for his later career. During the Great Depression, he was given a job as a writer on several WPA projects including a New York City guidebook. He would use that experience to transition to editing the Detective Fiction Weekly. In the 40s he really broke into the writing business with a steady stream of pulp fictions, largely detective stories. He then transitioned to penning scripts for radio dramas, producing hundreds in a few years. This would lead directly into television screenplays where he wrote for such famous shows as Perry Mason and 77 Sunset Strip.

Series Books
Bennett Barlay
Other Satan Comes Across (1945)
M. E. Chaber
Milo March Hangman's Harvest (1952)
  The Jelly Roll Heist (ss) (1952)
  Assignment: Red Berlin (ss) (1952)
  The Man Inside (ss) (1953)
  Murder For Madame (ss) (1953)
  Hair The Color Of Blood (ss) (1953)
  The Hot Ice Blues (ss) (1953)
  No Grave For March (1953)
  As Old As Cain (1954)
  The Man Inside (1954)
  The Splintered Man (1955)
  A Lonely Walk (1956)
  The Bodies Beautiful In Rome (ss) (1957)
  The Gallows Garden (1958)
  A Hearse Of Another Color (1958)
  So Dead The Rose (1959)
  The Twisted Trap (ss) (1961)
  The Red, Red Flowers (ss) (1961)
  Jade For A Lady (1962)
  Softly In the Night (1963)
  Uneasy Lies The Dead (1964)
  Six Who Ran (1964)
  Wanted: Dead Men (1965)
  The Day It Rained Diamonds (1966)
  A Man In The Middle (1967)
  Wild Midnight Falls (1968)
  The Flaming Man (1969)
  Green Grows The Graves (1970)
  The Bonded Dead (1971)
  Born To Be Hanged (1973)
  Death To The Brides (1975)
  The Twisted Trap (2020)
Ken Crossen
Other The Case of the Curious Heel [Jason Jones] (1944)
  The Case of the Phantom Fingerprints [Jason Jones] (1945)
  Murder Out of Mind (1945)
Kendell Foster Crossen
Kim Locke The Tortured Path (1955)
  The Big Dive (1959)
  The Gentle Assassin (1964)
  Death To The Brides (1975)
Other Once Upon a Star (1953)
Richard Foster
Other The Laughing Buddha Murders (1944)
  The Invisible Man Murders (1945)
  The Girl from Easy Street (1952)
  Blonde and Beautiful (1955)
  Bier for a Chaser (1959)
  The Rest Must Die (1959)
  Too Late for Mourning (1960)
Christopher Monig
Other The Burned Man aka Don’t Count the Corpses [Brian Brett] (1956)
  Abra-Cadaver [Brian Brett] (1958)
  Once Upon a Crime [Brian Brett] (1959)
  The Lonely Graves [Brian Brett] (1960)
Clay Richards
Other The Marble Jungle [Grant Kirby] (1961)
  Death of an Angel [Grant Kirby] (1963)
  Who Steals My Name (1964)