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Full Name: Melody Beecham
Nationality: American
Organization: Unit One
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jasmine Cresswell
Time Span: 2004 - 2005


Melody Beecham is an agent with Unit One.

That is an ultra-secret government clandestine organization designed to take the fight to the enemy without any of the public learning anything ever happened.

Becoming an operative at age 28, she had already had a full and interesting life. The daughter of an English Lady whose father was an Earl and of an American self-made millionaire, she possessed considerable beauty and a flair about her that made her a well-sought after model from her teen years on. Following nearly a decade of being in demand and well paid for it, she quit to enjoy her first love, art. As the series opens, she was putting the finishing touches on an art gallery in New York.

The death of her mother under suspicious circumstances and the subsequent discovery that her father was not really her biological parent dealt her two swift blows but a third came when the man she had always thought her father turned on her so swiftly, changing from a caring, albeit distant parent to being a cold-hearted man bent of revenge.

Then came the approach by Unit One for her assistance. The agency first tried to blackmail her into helping them but they found that didn't work as nobody forces Beecham to do anything. Besides, when one is constantly in the public eye, there is little chance for privacy. Finding out something that the paparazzi and tabloids had not already found proved fruitless. To finally get her to join, they had to use an unusual weapon - the truth of what her former father was up to that might have cost her mother's life. Now they had her interest and soon her cooperation.

Once that assignment was done, Beecham was in.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2004
Last Appearance:2005

1 Decoy Decoy
Written by Jasmine Cresswell
Copyright: 2004

Determined to find the truth of her mother's death and the facts about the man she once thought her father, Melody Beecham is closing on personal danger when offered a position with Unit One. When she refuses, they resort to blackmail as her help is vital to help bring down something called the Bonita Project.
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2 Full Pursuit Full Pursuit
Written by Jasmine Cresswell
Copyright: 2004

The leader of the Soldiers of Jordan has a weakness for Aryan-looking blondes and Unit One has a need to infiltrate their operations. Melody Beecham is given the assignment even as her own lover is sent to enchant the wife of a powerful senator.
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3 Final Justice Final Justice
Written by Jasmine Cresswell
Copyright: 2005

The assassin who is stalking Melody Beecham should be connected to the many she has helped bring down but all evidence points to it being a matter unrelated to Unit One. Even as she and her lover work one case, they slowly set a trap for the mysterious hunter.
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I make no bones about my bias against romantic thrillers. I also do not hide the fact that there are some romantic spy series that are just plain fun to read. The three-book series of Melody Beecham fits solidly into that group. I liked Beecham and her fiery independence and self-reliance. I liked her lover who knew enough to not get in her way (smart man!). I liked the adventures she had.

There stories never lose the romance feel about them but they also never lose the interest of the reader. I hope the author decides to bring her back at some point.


My Grade: B


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