1941 -

Writing as: Jasmine Cresswell

Born in Wales, Jasmine Cresswell was educated in London. She received a diploma in French and German and used her skills to gain a position with the British Foreign Office. One of her jobs was with the embassy in Rio de Janeiro where she met her future husband. She returned to school and earned a Bachelor's in history and philosphy followed by a Masters in History. Ms. Cresswell divides her time between Florida and Colorado as well as adding to her impressive list of novels, most of which are romance.

Series Books
Melody Beecham Decoy (2004)
  Full Pursuit (2004)
  Final Justice (2005)
Other Forgotten Marriage (1977)
  The Substitute Bride (1978)
  The Abducted Heiress (1978)
  The Rossiter Arrangement (1979)
  Tarrisbroke Hall (1979)
  Caroline (1980)
  The Blackwood Bride (1980)
  The Reluctant Viscountess (1981)
  The Danewood Legacy (1981)
  Lord Carrisford's Mistress (1982)
  The Princess (1982)
  Traitor's Heir (1984)
  Lord Rutherford's Affair (1984)
  Mixed Doubles (1984)
  Hunter's Prey (1986)
  Undercover (1986)
  The Moreton Scandal (1986)
  Chase the Past (1987)
  Free Fall (1988)
  Charades (1989)
  House Guest (1992)
  Nowhere to Hide (1992)
  The Devil's Envoy (1992)
  Love for Hire (1992)
  Keeping Secrets (1993)
  Empire of the Heart (1993)
  The Perfect Bride (1993)
  To Catch the Wind (1993)
  Marriage on the Run (1994)
  Edge of Eternity (1994)
  Timeless (1994)
  Desires and Deceptions (1995)
  Prince of the Night (1995)
  Midnight Fantasy (1996)
  Shattered Vows (1996)
  No Sin Too Great (1996)
  Secret Sins (1997)
  He Said, She Said (1997)
  I Do, Again (1997)
  The Daughter (1998)
  The Disappearance (1999)
  The Refuge (2000)
  The Inheritance (2000)
  The Conspiracy (2001)
  The Third Wife (2002)
  Dead Ringer (2003)
  Private Eyes (2003)
  The DeWilde Affair (2004)
  Suspect [Raven] (2007)
  Payback [Raven] (2007)
  Missing [Raven] (2007)