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Full Name: Steve Hamm
Nationality: American
Organization: DIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Hank Bostrom
Time Span: 1988 - 1988


Steve Hamm is a Colonel in the DIA.

At least he had been for most of his twenty-plus years in the military until he angered the wrong people higher up the food chain and found himself working in the Inspector General's office auditing, as he described, coffee cup requisitions. Hamm had achieved his rank thus far through very good and hard work, not through playing the old-boy network game. Had he, a star would have been on his shoulders but he wouldn't have been Hamm.

He certainly would have merited a star based on the numerous sites he has been where he saw action, starting with several tours of duty in Vietnam. From then every hotspot the U.S. had involvement in saw Hamm sent there at some time, especially in Africa. He has the scars to prove it including a long run running under the left side of his jaw where a bullet narrowing missed killing him.

As the series opens, he is pulled back from his "exile" to help on a major case of possible defection. He remains in very good shape for a man who has been holding down a desk for two years though his hair has more than a touch of gray in it showing his nearly 50 years of age. He is still ruggedly build and powerful, standing 6'2" and keeping a musculature 200 lbs. His cold blue gun-metal eyes still stare with the same piercing intensity they always had. And his sharp tongue and determination not to suffer fools silently are as present as ever.

Being needed, he is given one more chance to anger people through his brassy and disrespectful manner. He takes advantage of the chance.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1988

1 Gabriel's Flight Gabriel's Flight
Written by Hank Bostrom
Copyright: 1988

The incredible new computerized missile system is beyond anything seen before, so powerful that few can grasp is potential. And it has gone missing. Steve Hamm is the man ordered to find it and his first step is to find the man who created it.

2 Pressure Point Pressure Point
Written by Hank Bostrom
Copyright: 1988

The fight in Central America is heating up quickly. When an Contra training camp is attacked by Nicaraguan forces with Soviet help, it appears to be a set-up to pressure the government to join. It is Steve Hamm's job to uncover the conspiracy.


I have a fondness for any series where the main character doesn't like officers, even if the character is one himself. It's my enlisted man training. I don't think Hamm would have liked me, either, as he doesn't seem to like most people. Certainly he never acts like he cares for them. While a very smart man, he often says what he thinks without thinking it through.

The stories are interesting and the writing is good. The characters are a bit stark. The political bias is heavy. But the stories are good fun.


My Grade: B


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