1942 -

Writing as: Hank Bostrom, William H. Lovejoy

Mr. Lovejoy, born in Arizona, was an army brat so he lived in several locations during his childhood. He is a Vietnam veteran. After working his way through college, he was for many years a college professor before moving into the adminstration field as a college president. He also worked for a while as a management consultant. Under his own name he is best known as an accomplished writer of techno-thrillers.

Series Books
Hank Bostrom
Steve Hamm Gabriel's Flight (1988)
  Pressure Point (1988)
Other Ocean Black (1995)
William H. Lovejoy
Other Black Sky (1990)
  Cold Front (1990)
  Delta Blue (1991)
  Seaghost (1991)
  Alpha Kat (1992)
  Rip Cord (1992)
  Ultra Deep (1992)
  Delta Green (1993)
  Phantom Strike (1993)
  White Night (1994)
  China Dome (1995)
  Back£Slash (1996)
  Red Rain (1996)
  Shanghai Star (1996)
  Dark Morning (1998)
  Flash Factor (1999)