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Full Name: Marion 'Doc' Ford
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Other - Marine Biologist

Creator: Randy Wayne White
Time Span: 1990 - 2020


Doc Ford is a marine biologist living in southern Florida.

He is also a former covert agent and assassin for a small government agency without a name, a profession he excelled in for many years. He was highly proficient at hunting targets and even better as eliminating them when found. Eventurally, though, the job weighed too heavy for him and he decides enough was indeed enough and quit.

Now needing a new career, Ford turns to his truest love, the sea. Ford loves sailing on it, living beside it, studying it, fishing it, and protecting it. In addition to his own pet studies, he takes contracts for research projects all in the interest of environmental conservationism. He makes his home in a stilt house on the bay in Sanibel, Florida from where many of the adventures start or take place.

In addition to his intense interest in the ocean, Ford likes his friends, almost to a fault as he often goes to bat for them and occasionally defends them against those with bigger bats. Some of them remain as regular characters in the series, returning to both help Ford out of trouble and help him into it.

A healthy adult male, Doc Ford loves the ladies and there is no doubt that they return his affection. His ability to keep them, however, continually remains a problem so he does tend to go through them rather quickly.

As the series opens, Ford has been away from his violent and dangerous past for several years and had almost started believing it was completely in the past. He would find out he was wrong. While some of the numerous adventures chronicled deal with non-spy activities, each makes use of the skills he honed in his previous life. And those adventures that directly relate back keep him sharp.


Number of Books:25
First Appearance:1990
Last Appearance:2020

1 Sanibel Flats Sanibel Flats
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 1990

He had hoped that the excitement of his previous career was over but then an old friend came to claim a debt owed. The man's son was being held hostage to make sure the man followed orders. When the man turns up dead, Ford knows it is up to him to rescue the boy.

2 The Heat Islands The Heat Islands
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 1992

The death of a man that everyone hated didn't bother Ford at all, even if he was the one who discovered the body. When Ford's friend is arrested for the murder, though, he has to get more involved.

3 The Man Who Invented Florida The Man Who Invented Florida
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 1994

Ford's uncle, a man of less-than-stellar reputation, has claimed to have found the Fountain of Youth and the National Enquirer is running with the story, which has unpleasant consequences to Ford's life.

4 Captiva Captiva
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 1996

The man who died in an explosion at the marina frequented by Ford was the first victim in an escalating war between commercial and sport fisherman but Ford soon learns there are other forces at work keeping the hostilities high.

5 North Of Havana North Of Havana
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 1997

When his best friend, Tomlinson, is arrested by the Cubans for straying into their waters, Ford knows he has to get him out. But Ford is very much wanted for past actions by that government, making it almost suicidal to try.

6 The Mangrove Coast The Mangrove Coast
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 1998

Ford is asked by the daughter of a old friend to help find her missing mother who disappeared in Columbia. Finding her means going up against one of the most dangerous people Ford has ever faced but the one who is tracking Ford seems even deadlier.

7 Shark River Shark River
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2001

Rescuing two women from kidnappers turns out not so good for Ford as the Columbians criminals now want him dead and the billionaire father of one of the women is looking too closely into Ford's past.

8 Ten Thousand Islands Ten Thousand Islands
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2000

The grave of a teenage girl, dead for several years, is dug up by men searching for a medallion. The girl's mother is being harassed and frightened and she turns to Ford for help.

9 Twelve Mile Limit Twelve Mile Limit
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2002

The lone survivor of a small vessel which sank off the coast of Florida tells of the capture of her companions by drug runners. Ford uses his government contacts to confirm this and goes after the people because one is a friend of his.

10 Everglades Everglades
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2003

Reeling from the frequent return of his past, Ford has begun to let himself go physically when he is asked by an old love to find out what happened to her rich husband, supposed dead in a boating accident but now reported active in the Everglades.

11 Tampa Burn Tampa Burn
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2004

Ford's decade long attempt to leave his assassin days behind are ruined when his son is kidnapped by a madman who is in the pay of a rich man with even more insane plans.

12 Dead Of Night Dead Of Night
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2005

When Ford checks on a reclusive biologist as a favor, he finds the man dead and his body being eaten by deadly parasites which are spreading rapidly and threatens all waters around Florida.

13 Dark Light Dark Light
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2006

A hurricane has uncovered a shipwreck from years before. Ford is asked by an old woman to salvage the ship to determine what caused the sinking but others are willing to kill to keep the secret.

14 Hunter's Moon Hunter's Moon
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2007

Saving the life of a former President just got expensive. The man soon asks for Ford's help in proving the previous death of his wife was no accident. He wants Ford to break him free of his Secret Service team and keep him alive for two weeks while he investigates.

15 Black Widow Black Widow
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2008

Ford's goddaughter is being blackmailed over pictures from the bachelorette party that went too far. When looking into the extortion, he finds himself up against a very skilled, and very deadly, woman.

16 Dead Silence Dead Silence
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2009

Returning to his old profession, Ford is in Washington when he saves a female Senator from being kidnapped though it soon looks like the real target had been the young Cuban boy she was talking with.

17 Deep Shadow Deep Shadow
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2010

Doc Ford and several friends are exploring the depths of a lake in Florida where a cache of Cuban gold might lay when they are taken hostage by two desparate killers. And there is something in the swamp that might be hunting everybody.

18 Night Visions Night Visions
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2011

A young girl living in a trailer park is said to have a gift which makes her special to the illegals who live around her. Having seen a murder by a syndicate killer, she is on the run and it falls on Doc Ford to find her before the killer does.

19 Chasing Midnight Chasing Midnight
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2012

Doc Ford was sneaking a peek at a Russian mobster's fancy yacht when he sees it that armed men had taken over the island it was moored at. When they threaten to start killing hostages, Ford knows he has to take action all by himself.
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20 Night Moves Night Moves
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2013

The attack was made to look like an accident but luckily neither Doc Ford nor his friend Tomlinson were killed. The question they had to answer was who the target was - one or both of them? The secret they shared that was worth someone killing them over kept them for asking for help.

21 Bone Deep Bone Deep
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2014

Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson agree to help a Cree Indian friend recover a stolen tribal artifact but that takes them up against black marketeers and a strip mining company, both of whom do not want any one looking too closely.

22 Cuba Straits Cuba Straits
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2015

An old friend of Doc Ford had a lucrative business smuggling Cuban baseball players into the States. He also smuggled historical items for even more money. One item he recently got his hands on was a set of letters from the 1960s from Castro to a secret love and now the friend and the man he sold them to have disappeared and Ford is curious.
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23 Deep Blue Deep Blue
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2016

The video Doc Ford is shown details the execution of three hostages on behalf of ISIS by an American, someone from Ford's past. Ford is given the job of making sure the man does not kill again.
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24 Mangrove Lightning Mangrove Lightning
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2017

When Doc Ford is asked to help end a curse, he knew the job was going to be a unique one. The charter captain who approached him was certain that the string of mishaps befalling he and his family is related to a series of murders back in 1925.
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25 Caribbean Rim Caribbean Rim
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2018

A friend of Doc Ford makes a decent living salvaging old wrecks but sometimes he edges the legal line a bit too much so he cannot go to the authorities when his nemesis, the Florida Division of Historical Resources Director who wants his hide, suddenly disappears along with some of the artifacts Ford's friend had brought up.
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26 Salt River Salt River
Written by Randy Wayne White
Copyright: 2020

Doc For's buddy, Tomlinson, reveals that as a young man, he had donated for a sperm bank. Now some of the resultant children have used genealogy websites to track him down to learn about their ancestry. Ford believes one of them, though, has a much darker purpose, Meanwhile some shady people wanting a piece of the action in some Spanish coins Ford had 'acquired' are causing trouble.
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I became a huge fan of Mr. White when he scribed his first adventure series under the penname of Randy Striker. That series, MacMorgan, is a darned good one that got a bad rap for being pulpish when it was just good adventure. In addition to entertaining me (and I hope a lot of others), it served as experience and a chance to perfect his craft.

That shows in the truly terrific series he has with Doc Ford. I like Ford a lot. My wife, no great devotee of spyfi like myself, likes Ford a lot. The sales figures and the bestseller lists which have his latest books on them show others like Ford a lot.

There is a lot of reasons to like Ford. And I hope to keep liking him for many, many more books.

Thanks, Mr. Wayne, for years of reading enjoyment!


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cch20 A+ 7/27/2012 12:51:17 PM

Having read all but the last 2 of RWW Doc Ford series I can only hunger for more. I have a HYGE crush on Doc.

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