1950 -

Writing as: Carl Ramm, Randy Striker, Randy Wayne White

Born in Ohio and raised on a farm there, he traveled some after school before landing in Florida in 1972. According to Wikipedia, for the next four or five years he may have been involved in activities in the Intelligence community but he is not so claiming. In the late 70's he began working as a fishing guide and charter operator which he did for more than a decade. It was during this period that he began to write to fill the idle time, producing both adventure novels and articles for sporting magazines.

Series Books
Carl Ramm
Other Chicago Assault [James Hawker] (1984)
  Deadly in New York [James Hawker] (1984)
  Florida Firefight [James Hawker] (1984)
  L.A. Wars [James Hawker] (1984)
  Detroit Combat [James Hawker] (1985)
  Houston Attack [James Hawker] (1985)
  Vegas Vengeance [James Hawker] (1985)
  Atlanta Extreme [James Hawker] (1986)
  Denver Strike [James Hawker] (1986)
  Terror in D.C. [James Hawker] (1986)
  Operation Norfolk [James Hawker] (1987)
Randy Striker
Dusky MacMorgan Key West Connection (1981)
  The Deep Six (1981)
  Cuban Death Lift (1981)
  The Deadlier Sex (1981)
  Assassin's Shadow (1981)
  Everglades Assault (1981)
  Grand Cayman Slam (1982)
Randy Wayne White
Doc Ford Sanibel Flats (1990)
  The Heat Islands (1992)
  The Man Who Invented Florida (1994)
  Captiva (1996)
  North Of Havana (1997)
  The Mangrove Coast (1998)
  Ten Thousand Islands (2000)
  Shark River (2001)
  Twelve Mile Limit (2002)
  Everglades (2003)
  Tampa Burn (2004)
  Dead Of Night (2005)
  Dark Light (2006)
  Hunter's Moon (2007)
  Black Widow (2008)
  Dead Silence (2009)
  Deep Shadow (2010)
  Night Visions (2011)
  Chasing Midnight (2012)
  Night Moves (2013)
  Bone Deep (2014)
  Cuba Straits (2015)
  Deep Blue (2016)
  Mangrove Lightning (2017)
  Caribbean Rim (2018)
  Salt River (2020)