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Full Name: Robert Cope Harland
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Henry Porter
Time Span: 2002 - 2021


Robert Harland is an agent for MI-6.

At least, he had been for many years more than a decade before the series opens. He had been a spy working for that agency when he was caught in Czechoslovakia during the last days of that communist regime. Tortured and beaten by their security personnel, he was finally freed but then faced months of rehabilitation in an Austrian hospital slowly regaining a body broken by their techniques of interrogation. When he was healed enough to be discharged, he returned to London and the Department but everyone knew with his cover blown like it had been, his days as an agent were finished.

His career now over, he looked what else was available for him. Single and alone except for a sister, he began to rebuild his life. His training before going into Intelligence work had been as an engineer for which he had received a degree and he returned to it and soon got a good job working for the Red Cross. After ten years with that relief organization, Harland made a switch to do a quick study for the U.N. a job that led to another and another and three more years had passed.

Harland is nearing 50 when the series begins. He has returned to very good physical condition. He is described as a big man with a well-defined jaw and a serious but handsome face. He ias light brown fair which he keeps cut very short, revealing without care a receding hairline.

His days as an agent, putting his life on the line, was long over. He was content with life, one that had an interesting but hardly dangerous line of work. Then reality pushed him back to his old profession.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2021

There are three books in the Robert Harland series, as shown below. Over a decade after the third adventure was released, the author brought out a new spy series concerning the operative Paul Samson.

In the second of the Samson tales, that man finds himself in need of help and is recommended to Robert Harland who will play a major role in the matter. The two will become friends.

In the third Samson adventure, Harland plays an important, albeit distant and, unfortunately, permanent role.

1 A Spy's Life A Spy's Life
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2002

After many years of being out of the spy business, now working for the UN, Robert Harland's surivival of a air crash in New York pushes him back into the clandestine world where he doesn't want to be.

2 Empire State Empire State
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2004

The assassination of the Director of NSA at an airport in England is the opening salvo in a terrorist war that Robert Harland, working for both the UN and MI-6 is ordered to end.

3 Brandenburg Gate Brandenburg Gate
aka Brandenburg
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2005

Dr Rudolf Rosenharte is a teacher in Dresden and a deep cover MI-6 agent. As the turmoil of the fall of East Germany surrounds him, he knows that he can head West to safety but leave his family behind or accept a mission from Robert Harland and head deeper into danger.

4 White Hot Silence White Hot Silence
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2019

Book 2 in the Paul Samson series.
Anatasia is an aid worker at a refugee camp her new husband, billionaire Denis Hisami, is running. One night on her way to work, she is ambushed, kidnapped, and thrown into a container ship bound for the Middle East. Her husband needs the help of Paul Samson, expert in tracking people, to get her free. Samson is willing to do so, not to help Hisami, but because he was once in love with Anatasia.
Playing a major role in Samson's mission is veteran British agent Robert Harland.
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5 The Old Enemy The Old Enemy
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2021

Book 3 in the Paul Samson series.
"Former MI6 agent Paul Samson is shadowing a young woman around London for a private security company. Though the brilliant Zoe Freemantle is intriguing, the work is a bit dull—until Samson is almost killed by a thuggish assassin. When other people connected to Paul come under attack, including legendary spy Robert Harland and billionaire Denis Hisami, Paul escapes to Estonia to make sense of the mysterious threat.

Note: Harland's part is rather permanent.
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Just as I was thinking that the days of the old gritty cloak-and-dagger error of the Cold War were gone for good, replaced by techno-thrillers, this series comes along. The atmosphere it presents is so like the despair and gloom of LeCarre's classic "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" that you would have thought it written 40 years ago. But its topics are far from dated. It just portrays the bleak world of the spy like few others do these days.

These books are for the realism-desiring spy fiction fans and for them, it will be a real find.


My Grade: A-


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