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Full Name: Paul Samson
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Henry Porter
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Paul Stone is an agent with MI-6.

Was. He would make sure you understood the tense, albeit with a bit of a grin. He was asked to leave after a good number of highly successful years. "Cashiered like a bloody crook" is how he puts it right off in the first recorded adventure. He says it to a man from MI-6, or the Special Operations Directorate of it, who has come to Stone's mother's Lebanese restaurant to ask him to do another little job for them. Which is why Stone was so amused at the whole thing.

His dismissal was not for anything he did at this job. He made no mistake that got him in hot water. He learned nothing that would embarrass anyone. His ouster was due to his love of the racetrack.

That would sound bad to most people, implying that he had a gambling problem, and it definitely did to the Powers That Be. Tens of thousands of pounds each year changed hands and that made his bosses nervous. The interesting thing about it all, though, was that the money mostly moved one way - into Stone's hands, not the other way around. And he proudly pointed out that he had "opened his books" to his nay-sayers showing that he only made a few bets each year and that far more were winners than losers. He was very good at what he did and was well compensated for it. He was no security risk. They saw it differently.

Out of work at still a fairly young age, Stone went into a new line of employment; he worked as a private investigator. Interestingly, though, most of his "cases" involved activity out of the country, taking him to many of the same areas he had visited which with MI-6. He was out of the Office but to them he was not out of the business.

Which is why they came to call for his help.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Firefly Firefly
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2018

A teenage boy is making his way through Europe, fleeing a refugee camp in Greece. He carries with him an incredible knowledge of the work and plan of an ISIS cell which is why MI-6 want him desperately and the terrorists want him dead. Because of his knowledge of the area and his fluency in Arabic, Paul Samson is brought back by MI-6 to find the boy and get him to safety.
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2 White Hot Silence White Hot Silence
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2019

Anatasia is an aid worker at a refugee camp her new husband, billionaire Denis Hisami, is running. One night on her way to work, she is ambushed, kidnapped, and thrown into a container ship bound for the Middle East. Her husband needs the help of Paul Samson, expert in tracking people, to get her free. Samson is willing to do so, not to help Hisami, but because he was once in love with Anatasia.
Note, playing a major role in this adventure is Robert Harland.
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3 The Old Enemy The Old Enemy
Written by Henry Porter
Copyright: 2021

"Former MI6 agent Paul Samson is shadowing a young woman around London for a private security company. Though the brilliant Zoe Freemantle is intriguing, the work is a bit dull—until Samson is almost killed by a thuggish assassin. When other people connected to Paul come under attack, including legendary spy Robert Harland and billionaire Denis Hisami, Paul escapes to Estonia to make sense of the mysterious threat.
Paul knows there’s a target on his back. The only question is whose finger is on the trigger. Together with Denis’s wife Anastasia, Paul picks up the trail of a former Stasi agent whose network of assets go deep into the US and UK governments. Now, Paul and Anastasia must expose the spymaster before any more people are killed or agencies compromised."
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I am a big Henry Porter fan. Loved his other series. Welcomed this one with open arms and was definitely not sorry I did. The character is fascinating and his ability to find people fun to follow. The people in the books are all interesting and have their own story which we learn enough of to be satisfied but not so much we want them to go away. The plots are timely and the suspense is captivating.

I am hopeful there will be more of Paul Samson to come and if there is, I will be buying it. And reading it. And liking it.


My Grade: A


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