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Full Name: Sam Wintripp
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation CEO

Creator: David Dun
Time Span: 2003 - 2005


Sam Wintripp is the founder and owner of a private security firm.

The company is unlike most others, with a team of incredibly skilled experts in a wide variety of disciplines. In his late 40s, he plans, assigns, and leads assignments ranging from stopping blackmailers to stealing state secrets. His organization is a secret one, though, for clients who want anonymity as much as they want action.

Wintripp is half Indian on his mother's side and from that part of the family he has acquired an understanding of the outdoors, nature, and himself. From his father who was in the Special Forces he learned self-reliance and the ability to fight his own battles. And on his own he amassed several degrees and one doctorate in computer programming. Together they make up an operative who has the brains and the brawn for most life-or-death situations. He has a love of excitement and a daring that sometimes borders on recklessness but never quite goes over the line.

As the series begins, he has reached what he thinks is the end of his death-defying days. An assignment gone badly took the life of his only adult son who was working with him and that haunts him deeply. Though it was not Wintripp's fault, the "what if's" continue to fill his mind when he is alone. Still, even though he had largely left the operations end to others, a quite wealthy man now thanks also to his computer skills, he won't run from trouble and he is there when a friend needs a hand.

Wintripp is opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind, a trait that many mind brash and disturbing, especially when he is so often found to be right.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2005

1 Overfall Overfall
Written by David Dun
Copyright: 2003

Having semi-retired to spend time sailing around the Pacific Northwest, Sam Wintripp didn't want the trouble that came with rescuing a beautiful woman who is wanted dead by some very angry people. Life didn't give him much choice.

2 Unacceptable Risk Unacceptable Risk
Written by David Dun
Copyright: 2004

Sam Wintripp is sent to the Amazon to rescue a researcher who may have discovered a chemical able to alter the cells of a person's brain before a group of terrorists find him and his discovery.

3 The Black Silent The Black Silent
Written by David Dun
Copyright: 2005

Beneath the waters of the ocean lies a secret that could be a great boon to mankind but also incredible profits to whoever controls it. This potential has put in grave danger an old friend of Sam Wintripp, making him take a part he would have rather not have.


The first few pages of the first book were about sailing in the Inland Channel of British Columbia and the dangers found there. I do not sail, did not understand much of the jargon used, have no understanding of the difficulties, and loved it. That's good writing!

I really like Sam Wintripp, though his desire to keep his last name a secret borders on psychotic. If that is the only thing wrong with a character, though, that is an impressive character. Wintripp is impressive.

So are these books. I hope he writes more.


My Grade: B


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