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Full Name: Frank Pagan
Nationality: British
Organization: Special Branch
Occupation Agent

Creator: Campbell Armstrong
Time Span: 1989 - 2003


Frank Pagan is an agent with Special Branch.

In truth, first and always, he is a cop. He may work for Special Branch and he may be in a special department concentrating of counter-terrorism but he is still a cop and he never plans to change. He liked being a cop and he would not mind going back to being a cop but if told to find terrorists, he puts his all into it.

As the series begins, he is in his mid-to-late thirties and sober. Considering the amount of drinking he did after his wife was killed in an IRA explosion seven years before, sober is an accomplishment for Pagan. Still, the tragedy that struck him gives Pagan two outlooks that most of the others in his department don't have. He knows full well how devastating an act of terrorism can be to its victims. And he knows how incredibly tenuous life is.

Pagan is most definitely an outsider to many of the others in his department. He is not from the 'Oxbridge' school system so he does not have the connections. He dresses in loose fitting clothes chosen more for comfort than for style so he does not fit in with the three-piece suits most wear. He is not disrespectful but he speaks his mind to whoever asks his thoughts and he does not mince words, even if sometimes his superiors would prefer he just stay quiet. And he likes to drive American sports cars - very fast; making him far too flashy to get on with the staunch establishment he works for.

Still, Pagan usually gets the job done and his bosses, though they may not respect him or like him, find they sometimes can't do without him.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:2003

1 Jig Jig
Written by Campbell Armstrong
Copyright: 1989

The assassin Jig was gaining a tremendous reputation as an IRA killer who never missed and who was never seen. It is the of Frank Pagan to catch him. Soon, though, another, stronger terror presents itself and Pagan and Jig find they must work together to destroy it.

2 Mazurka Mazurka
aka White Light
Written by Campbell Armstrong
Copyright: 1990

The murder of a Russian diplomat Frank Pagan was escorting seems to be a subject no one wants to pursue except Pagan. As he does, he begins to see the death was but a small part of a huge plan to bring the world to war to destroy any hope of glasnost.

3 Mambo Mambo
Written by Campbell Armstrong
Copyright: 1991

Frank Pagan is escorting the deadly terrorist, Gunther Ruhr, known as the Claw, when members of Ruhr's gang attacks the convoy and violently free the terrorist. Pagan is left close to death but with an intense determination to recapture Ruhr or see him dead.

4 Jigsaw Jigsaw
Written by Campbell Armstrong
Copyright: 1997

Put on extended vacation, Frank Pagan knew his work with Special Branch was over. Then an attack by the most dangerous female assassin in the business has a message to Pagan written in blood and he is pulled back to active service to stop the notorious Carlotta.

5 Heat Heat
Written by Campbell Armstrong
Copyright: 2003

The assassin Carlotta continues to haunt the life of Frank Pagan completely but the evidence is there that she is a consumed by him as he by her. One will have to die before the other can have a life again.


I have used this term about a handful of other authors in this compendium. Mr. Armstrong is a novellist who happens to write spy adventures. Through the fine words this man puts down on paper, you get to know Pagan extremely well. You may not know his history but you understand his thinking and you get to think with him. More than that, though, you get into the head of his antagonists. The assassins Jig and Carlotta are fantastic characters that are every bit as interesting as Pagan and just as thought out.

These books are definitely a must read.


My Grade: A


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