1944 - 2013

Writing as: Thomas Altman, Campbell Armstrong, Campbell Black, Jeffrey Campbell, Thomas Weldon

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Campbell Armstrong got a degree in philosophy before taking a position teaching creating writing at the State University of New York. After a few years, he moved to Arizona where he got a similar teaching job at Arizona State University. He continued this career for a years although, according to his website, he disliked teaching so, after his first couple books were published, he quit to write full-time. After his excellent series about counterterrorism expert Frank Pagan, Mr. Armstrong has written several compelling novels of crime and life in his native Glasgow. He eventually moved back to Europe after over two decades in the States, settling in Ireland and living in a house said to be haunted.

Series Books
Thomas Altman
Other Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1980)
  Black Christmas (1983)
  The True Bride (1983)
  Dark Places (1984)
  The Intruder (1985)
Campbell Armstrong
Frank Pagan Jig (1989)
  Mazurka (1990)
  Mambo (1991)
  Jigsaw (1997)
  Heat (2003)
Other Brainfire (1979)
  Agents of Darkness (1991)
  Concert Of Ghosts (1992)
  Slattery's Rose (1993)
  Silencer (1997)
  The Last Darkness (2002)
  Bad Fire (2002)
  I Hope You Have A Good Life (2002)
  White Rage (2004)
  Butcher (2006)
Campbell Black
Other Assassins and Victims (1968)
  The Punctual Rape (1969)
  Death's Head (1971)
  Asterisk Destiny aka Asterisk (1976)
  The Wanting (1978)
  Mr. Apology (1979)
  Brainfire (1979)
  Dressed To Kill (1980)
  Letters From The Dead (1980)
  Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
  The Piper (1986)
  Silencer (1997)
  I Hope You Have A Good Life (2002)
  Bad Fire (2002)
  The Last Darkness (2002)
  White Rage (2004)
  Butcher (2006)
Jeffrey Campbell
Other The Homing (with Jeffrey Caine) (1980)
Thomas Weldon
Other The Surgeon's Daughter (1998)
  The Trader's Wife (1998)