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Full Name: Peter Lance
Series Name: The Man From Planet X
Nationality: Other
Organization: Planet Tharb
Occupation Agent

Creator: Hunter Adams
Time Span: 1975 - 1977


Peter Lance is an agent with a foreign power.

A very foreign power, being a country on another world since Lance is an alien from the planet Tharb.

He is a member of the crew of a spaceship that is circling above the Earth to study our customs and learn more about us before announcing their presence. Exactly what their long term goals are is not really revealed and certainly not that important to the actual stories.

What is important is the overall objective of the clandestine mission that Lance has on this planet. To get a closer look, and to get a better feel for the activity called sex, the leader, Dr. Kraag, sends crewman Pritan Lansol to the surface. With a few minor adjustments in more than just the name, Lansol becomes the human Peter Lance.

Lance's main purpose is to study sex but in doing so, he encounters beautiful women who keep getting into trouble, forcing Lance to step in and use his amazing physical prowess, telepathic abilities, and alien technology to defeat the bad guys and save the damsel. All so his research can continue, of course.

In addition to being a spy for his planet, Lance's adventures also put him into contact with and partially working with agents from the CIA. They may not know they are employing an illegal alien but they know that he gets the job done and that is all that matters.

And Peter Lance is given a lot, truly a lot, of chances to carry out Dr. Kraag's instructions to learn all he can about sex. Of course for him, a lot of activity is never a problem. Since the planet Tharb is a Jupiter-size planet with similar immense gravity, the muscles and endurance of its citizens are tremendous compared to Earthlings. This make him able to perform many activities for hours and hours.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1977

1 The She-Beast The She-Beast
Written by Hunter Adams
Copyright: 1975

To continue to look young and beautiful, the old hag needed a compound called Novitol. The company that manufactured it was being bought by the same wealthy man whose daughter is being visited by Lance. When the hag's henchmen try to kill the father, Lance steps in.

2 Tiger By The Tail Tiger By The Tail
Written by Hunter Adams
Copyright: 1975

When Lance rescues a beautiful young woman from a tiger attack, he finds himself in the middle of an attempt by people trying to acquire the secret weapon known as C.O.D. or Crack of Doom.

3 The Devil To Play The Devil To Play
Written by Hunter Adams
Copyright: 1977

A rash of muggings and rapes in Manhattan can be connected to a group of Satanic worshippers who intend on controlling the oil industry by kidnapping a woman who has created a synthetic oil formula.


If you throw away every expectation of things making sense, being realistic, adding up, or resembling reason, you might like this three-book series in which sex, more sex, and lots of sex is the answer. I doubt it but you might.

I sort of giggled (in a manly way) when I read the first book in the series as a young man of 24 and then didn't buy the others. As a man in his late 50s I don't giggle any more (well, some) but I also still don't much care for the series. For one thing, you really can't carry the book around with you to read when there's a spare minute. It isn't worth the strange looks. Trust me.


My Grade: D+


Rock Savage - 4/6/2013 10:21:53 AM

I just read "The Devil to Pay" , it was violent, sexuality explicit and really out there!! In other words, a lot of fun!! Makes me want to read more of these!!

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