1918 - 1994

Writing as: Hunter Adams, Jack Lancer, Jim Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence's largest body of work was writing Tom Swift, jr. novels under the house name of Victor Appleton II as well as Hardy Boys adventures as Franklin Dixon. Obviously the three-book sexcapade books in the Man From Planet-X series were a considerable departure. A different direction was taken when he helped create two highly complex adventure games for the legendary Infocom series in the 80s.

Then, of course, there is the many years of work in which he penned the James Bond comic strip, eventually creating more adventures than anyone else, including the original author.

Series Books
Hunter Adams
The Man From Planet-X The She-Beast (1975)
  Tiger By The Tail (1975)
  The Devil To Play (1977)
Jack Lancer
Christopher Cool X Marks The Spy (1967)
  Mission: Moonfire (1967)
  Department Of Danger (1967)
  Ace Of Shadows (1967)
  Heads You Lose (1968)
  Trial By Fury (1969)
Jim Lawrence
Other Tom Swift and His Atomic Earth Blaster (1954)
  Tom Swift and His Outpost In Space (1955)
  Tom Swift on the Phantom Satellite (1956)
  Tom Swift and His Diving Seacopter (1956)
  Tom Swift and His Ultrasonic Cycloplane (1957)
  Hardy Boys: The Ghost at Skeleton Rock (1957)
  Tom Swift and His Space Solartron (1958)
  Tom Swift in the Race to the Moon (1958)
  Tom Swift and His Deep-Sea Hydrodome (1958)
  Tom Swift and His Spectromarine Selector (1959)
  Tom Swift and His Electronic Retroscope (1959)
  Hardy Boys: Mystery of the Chinese Junk (1959)
  Hardy Boys: Mystery at Devil's Paw (1959)
  Tom Swift and the Visitor From Planet X (1960)
  Tom Swift and the Cosmic Astronauts (1960)
  Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung (1961)
  Tom Swift and His Triphibian Atomicar (1962)
  Tom Swift and His Megascope Space Prober (1962)
  Tom Swift and the Asteroid Pirates (1963)
  Tom Swift and His Repelatron Skyway (1963)
  Tom Swift and His Aquatomic Tracker (1964)
  Tom Swift and His 3-D Telejector (1964)
  Tom Swift and His Sonic Boom Trap (1965)
  Tom Swift and His Polar-Ray Dynasphere (1965)
  Tom Swift and His Subocean Geotron (1966)
  Tom Swift and the Mystery Comet (1966)
  Tom Swift and the Captive Planetoid (1967)
  Hardy Boys: The Sting of the Scorpion (1978)
  Hardy Boys: Mystery of the Samurai Sword (1979)
  Hardy Boys: Night of the Werewolf (1979)
  Hardy Boys: The Apeman's Secret (1980)
  Hardy Boys: The Outlaw's Silver (1981)
  Hardy Boys: Tic-Tac-Terror (1982)
  A.I.Gang: The Cutlass Clue (1986)