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Full Name: Sydney Bristow
Series Name: Alias
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. J. Abrams
Time Span: 2001 - 2006


Sydney Bristow is an agent for the CIA.

She has a specialty of undercover work allowing her to get into places other might not to do things others could not. She is in her late 20's at the start of the series. Besides being exceptionally agile and strong and resourceful, making her an excellent operative, she is a prodigy when it comes to languages; she speaks nearly two dozen different ones with native expertise.

When she was an undergraduate in college, she was approached by SD-6, a branch of the CIA, to train to become an agent. Intent on helping the good side, she agrees and for seven years she worked to become of SD-6's premiere agents. Then her fiance is killed because she told him the truth and her belief in her bosses is violently shaken. When her father, also an SD-6 operative, tells her the SD-6 is not really with the CIA but is in fact on the other side, she goes to CIA and offers her services to fight them. They accept but only if she will fight from the inside.

Now she is working undercover for an agency while working undercover for a different agency and her friends might be her enemies and can she really trust her father who could be the biggest liar of them all. The same can be said for her father, also a double agent. As for the other people with whom she works, Bristow has strong but understandably mixed feelings.

Case in point is Dixon, the strong good-hearted man who is her fellow agent in SD-6, a man who has had her back on many occasions and who, like she did for so long, believes he is on the side of the good guys and is proud that he is doing something meaningful for his country. Bristow knows the truth but cannot tell him. She also knows that Dixon would never knowingly serve ruthless people like SD-6 but he is doing so nevertheless. This means that she is forced to lie to one of her closest friends while also betraying him in essence, all the while doing her best to make sure the mission fails and he stays alive.

Adding to Bristow's personal dilemnas is the fact that her mother is a former KGB agent and may be on SD-6's side or may be working for the Russians against everyone or may be something else.

Alias is the creation of producer and writer J.J. Abrams. It ran for five seasons on ABC from September, 2001 to May, 2006. During its life it won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. The role of Sydney Bristow was brilliantly played by Jennifer Garner.

The series did take a strange turn in Season 2 when, possibly to allow for a drastic change in the direction or feel of the show, Bristow is shot in a battle in her apartment, passes out, and wakes up in Hong Kong, two years later. Now she has an even bigger problem: what has she been doing for the past two years. This is important to remember when reading the books as some will happen before and some after the "awakening".

The novels shown here are those publised as adult adventures. Far more books were written for young adults as well numerous books about the series, the characters, the actors, and so on. It was a mainstream success that was also a cult hit, allowing it to last five seasons and producing 105 episodes, quite an accomplishment.


Number of Books:13
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2006

1 Two Of A Kind? Two Of A Kind?
Written by Greg Cox
Copyright: 2005

An old adversary had returned and needs help, asking for Sydney Bristow specifically. She doesn't want the assignment but has little choice. She is surprised how much she has in common with someone she dislikes.
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2 Faina Faina
Written by Rudy Gaborno
Copyright: 2005

Sydney Bristow and her team have less than 48 hours to find a kidnapped Russian government financial expert and his daughter before the crime is discovered and the economy of Eastern Europe is badly hurt.
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3 Collateral Damage Collateral Damage
Written by Pierce Askegren
Copyright: 2005

It should have been a simple assignment - break into an office and retrieve surveillance equipment. When the job gets blown, Sydney Bristow begins to wonder who is doing the watching really?
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4 Replaced Replaced
Written by Emma Harrison
Copyright: 2005

After years of being the top agent in the organization, Sydney Bristow has to now compete with her half sister, Nadia. Then on assignment, Nadia and Vaughn are discovered and it is up to Bristol to get them out alive.
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5 The Road Not Taken The Road Not Taken
Written by Greg Cox
Copyright: 2005

To catch an assassin, Sydney Bristow goes undercover with a powerful family but being alone makes it vital she quickly decide who might be trusted, and be right about it.

6 Vigilance Vigilance
Written by Paul Ruditis
Copyright: 2006

The calling card was a large black star with the number 13 in the center. This card is left by an assassin who is taking out many of APO's less pleasant contacts, causing trouble for the organization.
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7 Strategic Reserve Strategic Reserve
Written by Christina F. York
Copyright: 2006

APO is hired to find who is sabotaging the oil business and Sydney Bristow and Vaughn get the job. As they chase the culprit, however, they find they are always one step behind. They also see how the crimes are gaining in severity and the economic stability of the country becomes at risk.
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8 Once Lost Once Lost
Written by Kirsten Beyer
Copyright: 2006

An African village is the test target of a new strain of deadly virus which is now being offered on the arms market. Unless Sydney Bristow and her father can stop it, the death count could be staggering.
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9 Namesakes Namesakes
Written by Greg Cox
Copyright: 2006

Even as Sydney Bristow is close to catching a terrorist out to buy a powerful explosive, word comes that a killer in Los Angeles is picking as his victims women with the same name as aliases Bristow has used in her job.
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10 Old Friends Old Friends
Written by Steven Hanna
Copyright: 2006

The terrorist group called Dark Cloud has a plan in the works to kill millions with a deadly virus released by rockets but they need the help of a noted Japanese scientist. Sydney Bristow is assigned to protect him.
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11 The Ghost The Ghost
Written by Brian Studler
Copyright: 2006

A scientist with a strange, mysterious past, has created a drug that can help relieve mental illness or cause it. Now the formula is missing and he must work with Sydney Bristow to get it back. She knows trusting him can get her killed.
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12 A Touch Of Death A Touch Of Death
Written by Christina F. York
Copyright: 2006

A geneticist for the Alliance turns himself in to the police and confesses killing his family. Before any one can do anything, though, he is kidnapped by a former Alliance agent who has plans for the killer's skills.
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13 Mind Games Mind Games
Written by Paul Ruditis
Copyright: 2006

Going undercover to take down a crime lord who has developed a mind-control drug, Bristow and Dixon are almost done when a government raid on their location fouls it up. Worse, Sydney Bristow is injected and ordered to kill her teammates.
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Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2004

1 Alias: Recruited Alias: Recruited
Written by Lynn Mason
Copyright: 2002

A prequel to the events in the television series, it recounts the first days of Sydney Bristow at SD-6.

2 Alias: A Secret Life Alias: A Secret Life
Written by Laura Peyton Roberts
Copyright: 2003

A prequel depicting Sydney Bristow's first mission, an assignment that takes her to Paris.

3 Alias: Disappeared Alias: Disappeared
Written by Lynn Mason
Copyright: 2003

The most powerful crime organizations are meeting in secret at a Scottish mansion on a remote isle and Sydney Bristow is sent to infiltrate it.

4 Alias: Sister Spy Alias: Sister Spy
Written by Laura Peyton Roberts
Copyright: 2003

A sorority, Alpha Kappa Chi, was vacationing in Hawaii. One member, Jen Williams, was an agent for SD-6 and she died of 'natural causes'. Sydney Bristow is sent to find the truth.

5 Alias: The Pursuit Alias: The Pursuit
Written by Elizabeth Skurnick
Copyright: 2003

A Michael Vaugh novel - suffering from the death of his CIA-agent father, Vaughn joins the Agency to help make a difference and keep up his father's goals.

6 Alias: Close Quarters Alias: Close Quarters
Written by Emma Harrison
Copyright: 2003

A Michael Vaughn novel - this explores how as a new CIA agent, Vaughn is told to monitor the daughter of Italy's president but she has a mind of her own.

7 Alias: Father Figure Alias: Father Figure
Written by Laura Peyton Roberts
Copyright: 2003

Sydney Bristow is having serious doubts about her new handler at SD-6. Wilson seems fine for the most part but she begins to worry he might be a double agent.

8 Alias: Free Fall Alias: Free Fall
Written by Christa Roberts
Copyright: 2004

A prequel novel about Sydney Bristow and a fellow agent, Stephanie, who is becoming a good friend but how good can she be if she was behind the death of Bristow's fiancee.

9 Alias: Infiltration Alias: Infiltration
Written by Breene Frazier
Copyright: 2004

This mission takes Sydney Bristow to Moscow where her Russian will be put to the test when she is asked to infiltrate the KGB.

10 Alias: Vanishing Act Alias: Vanishing Act
Written by Sean Gerace
Copyright: 2004

To check out a string of art thefts, Sydney Bristow is sent undercover as the assistant to a famous illusionist and some of his tricks are quick dangerous.

11 Alias: Skin Deep Alias: Skin Deep
Written by Cathy Hapka
Copyright: 2004

To find out who is funding some very nasy terrorists, Sydney Bristow is sent to Australia where she takes the role of a skilled, and very rich, equestrian.

12 Alias: Shadowed Alias: Shadowed
Written by Elizabeth Skurnick
Copyright: 2004

It is her second year at SD-6. She is dispatched to Berlin to pick up some KGB research but someone else is after it and people keep confusing that person with Bristow.


Number of Episodes:105
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2006

Jennifer GarneSydney Bristow [ 1-5 ]
Victor GarberJack Bristow [ 1-5 ]
Ron RifkinArvin Sloane [ 1-5 ]
Michael VartanMichael Vaughn [ 1-5 ]
Carl LumblyMarcus Dixon [ 1-5 ]

There had been a fair number of television dramas about spies but most of these had one thing in common - a strong male lead. Seemed vital, apparently, to network execs. Honey West three decades before had only lasted one season as had The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. a decade later. Spy = Man, therefore, Spy Drama = Male Lead.

And then came Alias.

It had a nefarious organization needing stopping, some darn good actors playing good guys and bad guys, clever writing, pretty impressive fight scenes.

It also had Jennifer Garner, an exceedingly impressive actress, to lead.

It lasted five years which is quite a feat.

Note: the dates and titles come from The plots come from IMDB. Both are great sources.

1 Truth Be Told
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/30/2001

Sydney Bristow is a college student who leads a double life: she works for shadowy government agency called SD-6 which is supposed to be a branch of the CIA and reports to the shady Arvin Sloan. Recently engaged, she tells her boyfriend, Danny Hecht, the truth. The next day, he is murdered. Later, Sydney's father, Jack Bristow, tells the truth: he is a double agent for the real CIA, as SD-6 is a renegade agency who allegedly killed Sydney's fiancé. Sydney must make a decision which will haunt her for the rest of her life. Sydney's partner in the field, Marcus Dixon, ...

2 So It Begins
Episode 1-02, first aired 10/07/2001

Now working as a double agent for both the CIA and the evil SD-6, Sydney meets her CIA handler, Michael Vaughn, who instructs her on her missions, while her father, Jack, also gives her words of wisdom on the inside of SD-6. In her next mission, Sloan sends Sydney and Marcus out to find clues to a missing nuclear bomb hidden somewhere, in which a member of the Russian Mafia knows the secret. Meanwhile, Will continues to grow obsessed with Danny's murder and begins his own investigation behind Sydney's back who told him to leave the matter alone.

3 Parity
Episode 1-03, first aired 10/14/2001

SD-6 has heard of some engineering plans done in the 16th Century hidden in a car tycoon's vault in Madrid. Sloan sends Sydney to steal those plans. However, a rival of Sydney's, Anna Espinosa, a Cuban-Russian agent for a Russian spy organization called K-Directorate, is also vying to get the plans. As usual, Syd must deal of her moves with the CIA as well as keeping contact with her new handler after Vaughn is reassigned. Sydney also try to know more of the truth from her estranged and mysterious father to her own past. Meanwhile, Will continues to grow more obsessed...

4 A Broken Heart
Episode 1-04, first aired 10/21/2001

After a joint box opening with nemesis Anna and fighting her for a piece found in a church in Spain, Sydney must go on another mission in Morrocco to spy on an industrialist. However, a mingle with a bodyguard who injured her in the past aborts the mission, but she faces two heartbreaks: her colleague is killed by the said bodyguard, and back home her father cancels a dinner date with her. However, Michael finds a clue about Sydney's former fiancé and Francie discovers Charlie cheating on her...

5 Doppelgänger
Episode 1-05, first aired 10/28/2001

After saving a diplomats'conference from a bombing in Sao Paolo, Sydney is sent on a mission in Germany to get a reclusive German scientist who has the formula to a vaccine. However, the Vaughn and the CIA makes a switch with a lookalike during the operation. SD-6 has suspicion about this and Sydney must cover this as she is aware of the CIA move. Meanwhile, Will's investigation into Danny's murder leads him to a shady woman, named Kate Jones, who may have information to the killing.

6 Reckoning
Episode 1-06, first aired 11/18/2001

As Sydney tries to adjust herself after the death of five CIA agents during the last mission in Badenweiler, she and Dixon are sent to London to snatch a FTL decoder so SD-6 can use by a cell sample from someone's DNA to create a code on identity cards. Sydney then goes to Romania to try to talk to the father of a murdered agent, not realizing the horror that awaits her. Jack gets transfered to the SD-6 offices to take a major role in the ops mission. Meanwhile, Will continues to investigate the mysterious Kate Jones, whose real name is Eloise Kurtz, who refuses to ...

7 Color-Blind
Episode 1-07, first aired 11/25/2001

Trapped in the asylum in Romania that is run by the Russian spy group K-Directorate, the captive Sydney makes contact with Mark Shephard to get the information from him so K-Directorate agent Kreshnik can use. But Sydney manages to escape with Shephard, only to learn that he was the assassin that was sent to kill Danny. Back in Los Angeles, Will continues to grow obsessed with Danny's murder when Eloise Kurtz is also founded murdered. Jack has a major argument with Vaughn over Sydney's well being and her precarious predicament. On Thanksgiving Day, Francine's ...

8 Time Will Tell
Episode 1-08, first aired 12/02/2001

After getting news about the certainty of a "mole" in SD-6, Sloane puts agent Dreyer to put everyone in the "lie detector" test, including Sydney. The latter is sent to a mission in Oxford to retrieve a clock made by Rambaldi. However, her K-Directorate nemesis, Anna Espinosa, is hot on her trail. As Anna failed to get the clock, she intends to trap Sydney on a mission in Italy, where she has to meet a clockmaker who can provide a clue to Sloane's quest...

9 Mea Culpa
Episode 1-09, first aired 12/09/2001

After nearly surviving an ambush set by K-Directorate in Argentina, Sydney brings a seriously wounded Dixon home. However, she is now suspected to be the "mole" as Dreyer tells Sloane. The latter puts a "hit contract" on her when on a mission in Tuscany to retrieve the bank account of a financial advisor providing money to terrorists in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Will receives a call from an unknown source, which might come from the "electronic bug" he has...

10 Spirit
Episode 1-10, first aired 12/16/2001

After being held captive by SD-6 due to Sloane's suspicions, Sydney tells the truth to Vaughn. However, her father Jack finds a way to save her by doing a desperate action: her partner in Geneva was probably a K-Directorate agent and is eliminated...

11 The Confession
Episode 1-11, first aired 01/06/2002

Jack gets saved by Sydney in Havana, however Vaughn has found possible evidence that the former is indirectly involved in the murders of many CIA agents and invites Sydney in a meeting. Meanwhile, she must go to Greece with Dixon to retrieve data from a young tycoon, however the CIA did not get that info due to a sudden diversion...

12 The Box - Part 1
Episode 1-12, first aired 01/20/2002

As Sydney goes to SD-6 to meet with Sloane about quitting the agency despite Michael's warning, a former agent comes with a commando in the office and holds everybody's in hostage...except Sydney and Jack who tries to unfold the deadly gang's threat...

13 The Box - Part 2
Episode 1-13, first aired 02/10/2002

As the megalomaniac McKenas Cole continues to threat the SD-6 staff and torture Sloane to get the code to a vault, Sydney must go deactivate some bombs planted in the office, despite some mercenaries on her trail. Dixon sends a secret code to Vaughn at the CIA to come to the rescue. Eventually, the Bristows are caught, but Sydney is able to confront Cole in a fight to the finish...

14 The Coup
Episode 1-14, first aired 02/24/2002

Sydney and Dixon are sent to Las Vegas to gather information from a K-Directorate agent who has ties to the McKennis Cole group that attacked and nearly destroyed SD-6. Meanwhile, Sydney learns some shocking news about Francie's fiancé, Charlie, and tries to stop them from getting married, all in the same time. Back in Los Angeles, Will begins his journey in discovering what SD-6 really is, and Jack continues to try to be more of a father to Sydney when he helps her decide whether or not to continue with graduate school.

15 Page 47
Episode 1-15, first aired 03/03/2002

After escaping a near accident in Moscow after getting a tip about "The Man" from K-Directorate, Sydney must go with Dixon to snatch the Rambaldi book stolen in Argentina on the coasts of Tunisia. Will Tippin is forced by some mystery men to abandon his investigation about SD-6. Sydney is invited to Sloane's house, with Jack and Will, but must do a secret mission for Michael about a special "page" which might shock her...

16 The Prophecy
Episode 1-16, first aired 03/10/2002

The SDR section of the CIA is getting interested about Sydney's picture on the Rambaldi's page and starts to question her. In the meanwhile, Sloane discovers who is "The Man", and consults one of the Alliance's members, Edward Poole, who gives proof that one of the members does finance his activities in a eve of an Alliance council in London. Sydney must go to Rome with Michael to get a Rambaldi secret from the Vatican secret vaults.

17 Q&A
Episode 1-17, first aired 03/17/2002

Sydney is heavily questioned by the FBI concerning her past and her current activities at SD-6. Fearing that the FBI might detain her longer, Jack and Vaughn must find a way to make her escape before she blows her cover with SD-6...

18 Masquerade
Episode 1-18, first aired 04/07/2002

Jack and Vaughn managed to get Sydney out of the FBI claws via a diversion. However, she and Dixon must go to Vienna to retrieve some data from the Russian Embassy in order to retrace the Man known as Kasinov. However, Sydney finds an old flame when on this mission. She embarks with him again in Siberia to get a device which can get clues to get closer to the SD-6 arch enemy...

19 Snowman
Episode 1-19, first aired 04/14/2002

While Vaughn goes to Colombia to get information about a possible killer called Snowman, who attempted to kill Kasinov, Sydney and Noah go to Cape Town to get data on some bank transfers "the Man" made for its activities. Back at SD-6, Sloane investigates Noah, finding some other suspicious activities... Finally, Sydney gets a clue to find out where her mother is, and gets to Australia where she is in for a surprise...

20 The Solution
Episode 1-20, first aired 04/21/2002

In order to catch Khasinau and get closer to finding her mother, Sydney and Vaughn set up an undercover transaction for a Rambaldi artifact with Khasinau's representative, Mr. Sark. But Sydney's cover may be compromised when a SD-6 agent is sent in to thwart the sale: that being Dixon himself. Meanwhile, Will is enticed by his unseen source to continue his investigation of SD-6 when he learns that Jack Bristow was one of his kidnappers. Also, Sloan's cancer-stricken wife, Emily, tells Sydney that she knows about SD-6, which forces Sloane to make the most difficult ...

21 Rendezvous
Episode 1-21, first aired 05/05/2002

Will's life is about to change as he is sent to find the person responsible for leaking information to him about SD-6 in which requests that he travel to Paris, France. Meanwhile, Sloane finds himself on the edge of finally tracking down Khasinau when SD-6 captures "The Man's" right-hand man, Mr. Sark. Also, Dixon becomes suspicious of Sydney's activities and thinks about reporting her to Sloan despite knowing that SD-6 will have her killed as well.

22 Almost Thirty Years
Episode 1-22, first aired 05/12/2002

Sloane must take a difficult decision in order to get to the Alliance's council. After being captured by Sark, Tippin is tortured by a Taiwanese would-be dentist to extract secrets. Sydney, who has to beware her colleague Dixon, assist her father trying to save Tippin. However, after losing Vaughn when the lab exploded, she is in for a surprise...

23 The Enemy Walks In
Episode 2-01, first aired 09/29/2002

Sydney finds herself face-to-face with her long-lost mother, Irina Derevko, whose intentions for her daughter are made chillingly clear. However, Sydney manages to escape and rejoin Jack and Will in their escape from Taiwan. After arriving back in Los Angeles, Sydney continues her search for Vaughn, not knowing if he is dead or alive after being swept away by a wall of water in Taipei. Will's life is forever changed when he learns the truth about SD-6 and Sydney's life as a double agent. Also, Dixon must decide whether or not to inform Sloane of Sydney's suspicious ...

24 Trust Me
Episode 2-02, first aired 10/06/2002

After turning herself in to the CIA, Irina won't communicate with anyone - except her daughter. Sydney refuses to cooperate, until a mission goes awry and crucial information falls into the wrong hands. Now, against Jack's wishes, Sydney must face Irina and find out what She knows.

25 Cipher
Episode 2-03, first aired 10/13/2002

Sydney must travel to Sri Lanka to outwit Sark in order to find a crucial piece of Intel from a computer disk that she recovers from Rabal. Meanwhile, Jack faces Sydney's mother for the first time in almost 20 years in her prison cell to discuss Sydney's well being. Also, Will finally meets Vaughn, and Sloane is haunted by his wife's death when someone begins sending him anonymous letters which have Emily's handwriting on them.

26 Dead Drop
Episode 2-04, first aired 10/20/2002

Past demons revisit all the characters as Sloane becomes confused and desperate over clues that his wife may not be dead. At the same time, Will meets a woman who claims to know the truth about SD-6. And Jack tries to convince Sydney that Irina is setting the stage to betray them and will go to any lengths to prove it.

27 The Indicator
Episode 2-05, first aired 11/03/2002

Jack's decision to sabotage Sydney's last mission while pinning it on Irina not only brings him closer to his daughter - it sends his ex-wife to death row. But his foolproof plan begins to unravel when Vaughn begins to put the pieces together - and Sydney makes a startling discovery about her childhood.

28 Salvation
Episode 2-06, first aired 11/10/2002

Sydney's fury at Jack's present betrayal and past sins leads her father to a desperate act to prove his love for her. Meanwhile, Vaughn - after enlisting Will in a seemingly benign CIA request - learns that a mission He and Sydney engaged in could have disastrous consequences for their health.

29 The Counteragent
Episode 2-07, first aired 11/17/2002

As Vaughn's life hangs in the balance, Sydney has no choice but to turn to Sark for help in securing an antidote for the virus. But when Sark demands She help him to kill Arvin Sloane in exchange for his assistance, Sydney faces a decision that could expose her as a double agent.

30 Passage - Part 1
Episode 2-08, first aired 12/01/2002

Sark's alliance with SD-6 suddenly puts Sydney at risk of being exposed as a double agent. She has no choice but to cooperate with his plan, until his alliance with Sloane sends several nuclear weapons into the wrong hands. Now, only Irina holds the key to unraveling Sark's agenda - and She refuses to cooperate.

31 Passage - Part 2
Episode 2-09, first aired 12/08/2002

Still trapped in hostile territory in Pakistan, Sydney, Jack, and Irina continue their search for the missing nuclear warheads held by PRF's leader Gerard Cuvee. After several misadventures, they arrive at Cuvee's stronghold, only to be betrayed by Irina. Back in the USA, Vaughn wants to mount a secret rescue mission to Pakistan before Kendell authorized the Indian army to launch an air strike on the facility with Jack and Sydney held captive inside. Meanwhile, Sloan decides to pay off his unknown blackmailer.

32 The Abduction
Episode 2-10, first aired 12/15/2002

Backed into a corner, Sark cuts a desperate deal Sloane using Sydney to recover a state-of-the-art surveillance system. But when the plan goes awry, SD-6 sends Marshall with Sydney on her next mission... giving the CIA no choice but to extract the op-tech specialist. Now Sydney faces the consequences of "waking up" Marshall - and possibly destroying his life in the process.

33 A Higher Echelon
Episode 2-11, first aired 01/05/2003

When Sydney learns that Marshall has been kidnapped, she struggles against a heartless Sloane to bring Marshall back whom is being tortured by the same Taiwanese torturer Dr. Lee "Suite and Glasses" to uncover the code for the top secret ECHELON security system whom tries to stall for time. Sydney and Dixon are instead sent to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to recover the hard drive for ECHELON. Meanwhile, Kendall and the rest of the CIA frantically tries to prevent SD-6 from gaining access to ECHELON... and Jack realizes that the only one who can help them is Irina.

34 The Getaway
Episode 2-12, first aired 01/12/2003

Sydney and Vaughn reach a crossroads as they try to turn a professional relationship into a personal one during a mission to recover an experimental gyroscope. Meanwhile, Jack struggles to outwit the persistent SD-6 security expert, Ariana Kane, as she tightens the noose of suspicion around him of being Sloan's blackmailer. But Sloan is eventually revealed to know more than he claims: there never was a blackmailer, and Emily is really alive and in league with Sloan to get away from the Alliance!

35 Phase One
Episode 2-13, first aired 01/26/2003

In this episode, the entire world of 'ALIAS' is turned upside down, beginning with the mysterious disappearance of Sloane that brings Anthony Geiger, the new head of SD-6 into Jack and Sydney's life. As the Bristows struggle to stay one step ahead of having their secret blown wide open by Geiger, Will and Francie make a startling discovery of their own as she prepares to open her new restaurant. After an airborne mission to recover something called a Server 47 dive, Sydney uncovers a crucial weakness, one that could bring down the entire Alliance. But to put her plan ...

36 Double Agent
Episode 2-14, first aired 02/02/2003

When a young CIA agent dies, suspicion immediately falls on her parter and lover, agent Jim Lennox. But after Sydney rescues Lennox from captivity, She trikes up an instant connection as they discover shared wounds - realizing They've both lost someone they love to the job. Yet even her judgment is thrown when Vaughn and Jack discover that Lennox was pursing a technology that allows people to change their appearance. Now Sydney must ask herself: is this the real Jim Lennox - or is his double?

37 A Free Agent
Episode 2-15, first aired 02/09/2003

Sydney finally has the opportunity to leave the CIA for good, but a startling phone call from Sloane, combined with the kidnapping of a brilliant mathematician, brings her back into the fray.

38 Firebomb
Episode 2-16, first aired 02/23/2003

When Sloane gets his hands on a terrifying Rimbaldi weapon that causes internal spontaneous combustion, Sydney must turn to a betrayed and hurt Dixon for help. But when her ex-partner refuses any assistance, She has no choice but to carry out the mission herself. When Sydney is captured, Vaughn must persuade Dixon to help the CIA rescue Sydney from an Afghan warlord's camp.

39 A Dark Turn
Episode 2-17, first aired 03/02/2003

When Sydney learns that Vaughn is under investigation for being a double agent, Jack and Irina forge an unlikely partnership in their attempt to get their daughter out to the CIA for good. Kendall learns that Sark and Sloan are attempting to get their hands on a Rambaldi manuscript detailing the works of the human heart, so he sends Jack and Irina to Bangkok to learn more, and then to Panama to capture Sloan. But Irina betrays Jack and escapes from custody... this time for real.

40 Truth Takes Time
Episode 2-18, first aired 03/16/2003

Following her betrayal, the CIA try desperately to track down Irina Derevko. Their trail on Derevko leads them to Stuttgart and closer to Sark and Sloane, even as Sloane contemplates giving up his quest to complete Rambaldi's work in order to stay with his wife, Emily.

41 Endgame
Episode 2-19, first aired 03/30/2003

When the CIA intercepts a secret message, Sydney discovers that the life of Neil Caplan, the mathematician still held captive by Sloane and Irina, may be in danger from the most unlikely source: his wife Elsa whom Jack has arrested, forcing Sydney to try to clear Elsa's name by going on her own mission to Moscow and Spain to try to rescue Neil Caplan. Meanwhile, Sloane becomes obsessed with finding out who accidentally killed Emily, and Sark makes contact with the Francie impostor to locate the person responsible... by using Will to infiltrate the CIA satellite ...

42 Countdown
Episode 2-20, first aired 04/27/2003

As Dixon struggles with the death of his wife, He refuses to take time off from work until Sloane is brought to justice. But Sydney worries that Dixon's repressed rage could cause more harm that anything Sloane could do.

43 Second Double
Episode 2-21, first aired 05/04/2003

Sydney finds herself racing to clear Will's name when the Francie impostor frames him for the CIA intelligent leak by making him appear to be the other double of the Helix project. But Sark makes matters worse when he sends a team to extract Will, to make it look that he's guilty. Meanwhile across the globe, Irina and Sark discover a stumbling block could turn into an opportunity... with Sydney's cooperation.

44 The Telling
Episode 2-22, first aired 05/04/2003

Sydney must confront her mother, who tells a clue about "some Rambaldi artefacts" in Zurich, but it was a trap to capture Jack. As Sloane keeps the latter in hostage, Vaughn and Sydney go to Stockholm to capture Sark, who reveals the hideout in Mexico City. Meanwhile, Tippin discovers that Francie is in fact a "double" and is the one who framed him...

45 The Two
Episode 3-01, first aired 09/28/2003

Having woken up in Hong Kong, with no memory for the last two years (!), Sydney returns to Los Angeles to try to piece together the last two years of her life and discovers the fates of her friends and family: Vaughn has married thinking that Sydney was long dead; Marshall is having a baby with CIA tech expert Carrie Bowman; and Dixon is now the new division head of the L.A. office branch of the CIA. Sydney also learns the shocking fates of Jack and Sloane; the former is in CIA custody for communicating with Irina whom still is in hiding, while the latter is living in...

46 Succession
Episode 3-02, first aired 10/05/2003

Sydney's search for her past leads to an imprisoned Sark, but their Q&A is cut short when he becomes the ransom for a pair of abducted CIA scientists by the Covenant, whose kidnappers may be tied to the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Jack contacts an old friend of sorts for info on Sloane's new world-peace project in Switzerland. Also, Vaughn makes a decision about his future as an operative for the CIA.

47 Reunion
Episode 3-03, first aired 10/12/2003

Sydney and Vaughn are reunited again as a team to prevent Sark, now a head leader of the Covenant, from destroying the nation's satellite communications system. Meanwhile, Jack must find a way to stop Marshall from uncovering the identity of a murderer suspect whom is Sydney. Also, Sydney accompanies Vaughn and his wife, Lauren, as they meet with Sloane to ask for a favor.

48 A Missing Link
Episode 3-04, first aired 10/19/2003

Sydney discovers a link to her missing two years in the form of Simon Walker, the dangerous leader of a group determined on retrieving deadly biological weapons. Meanwhile, Vaughn struggles with his own feelings of jealousy and longing while Sydney is on her mission, aware of the pressures his job is putting on his marriage to Lauren. Jack takes matters into his own hands to protect his daughter, and purposefully revealing Sydney's deadly secret of being a brainwashed assassin for the Covenant during her two-year absence to Dixon in order to preserve her position ...

49 Repercussions
Episode 3-05, first aired 10/26/2003

While Vaughn's life hangs in the balance, Lauren butts heads with Sydney after learning the part she played in his stabbing. Meanwhile, Sydney further questions Sloane's allegiances after he is kidnapped by Kazari Bomani, a kingpin in The Covenant. Jack's cover is jeopardized when he meets with Simon to dig up information on Sydney's missing two years. Also, Marshall is sent on his second mission with Sydney, posing as a high-stakes, southern-accented gambler.

50 The Nemesis
Episode 3-06, first aired 11/02/2003

Sydney's emotions are turned inside-out when she once again comes face-to-face with Allison Doren, the murdered Francie's doppelgänger, who was presumed dead but is now a key assassin working for the Covenant. Meanwhile Lauren's search for Lazarey's murderer leads her closer to discovering the connection to Sydney, and Sydney begrudgingly is assigned as Sloane's CIA handler.

51 Prelude
Episode 3-07, first aired 11/09/2003

Jack takes drastic measures to ensure that the NSC never finds out the truth about Sydney's murder of the Russian diplomat Lazarey. But, his actions place a heavy strain on Vaughn's marriage, as Lauren gets closer and closer to the truth about Sydney. Meanwhile, Sydney agrees to go on a mission with Sloane in order to thwart plans to obtain the operating system to a deadly weapon, and she discovers an unlikely ally in the hunt for her missing two years.

52 Breaking Point
Episode 3-08, first aired 11/23/2003

When Sydney is taken into custody by the NSC honcho Mr. Lindsey, Jack and Vaughn have no choice but to ally themselves with Sloane to rescue her. But with only hours to spare before she is forced to undergo a radical surgery to recover her memories, they must put together an extraction team, headed by freelance operative Brill. Meanwhile, Lauren faces an impossible choice: side with the NSC who she wants to believe is doing the right thing, or with her husband in their rescue of Sydney.

53 Conscious
Episode 3-09, first aired 11/30/2003

After making a shocking discovery of a severed human hand in the desert that belonged to Lazarey, the Russian diplomat she murdered while working as a brainwashed assassin for the Covenant, and who may in fact be alive, Sydney agrees to submit to an experimental procedure conducted by an eccentric doctor, named Dr. Brezzel, designed to retrieve her lost memories. But while Jack and Vaughn look on, Sydney's mind proves surprisingly resistant to letting her remember her missing time... and the process of recovering it could end up killing her. Meanwhile, Lauren makes a ...

54 Remnants
Episode 3-10, first aired 12/07/2003

The identity of the mysterious "St. Aidan" forces Sydney to pull a stunned Will Tippin out of witness protection for help in finding Lazarey to clear her name. But the pursuit sends the two old friends on a collision course with Allison, the Francie impostor who ruined both their lives. Meanwhile, a jealous Lindsey arrests Jack and Vaughn as conspirators in Sydney's escape from NSC custody. Sloane, still under pressure from Lindsey, puts a plan in motion to eliminate Sydney, and Dr. Brezzel has an unpleasant run-in with Sark whom is also looking for Sydney.

55 Full Disclosure
Episode 3-11, first aired 01/11/2004

In this episode, Sydney finally learns the shocking truth about her missing two years from an unlikely source: FBI Special Officer Kendall. Kendall whisks her away and talks to her from the privacy of an airborne 757 jet. According to Kendall, Sydney was captured by the Covenant after her fight with Francie/Allison, held captive in Russia for over a year and brainwashed to become an assassin. But Sydney only pretended to be brainwashed and contacted Kendall who became her contact and handler, thus giving him information about the Covenant and about their quest for ...

56 Crossings
Episode 3-12, first aired 01/18/2004

Jack contacts a mysterious woman, that of former KGB agent Katya Derevko, Irina's older sister, to help him free Sydney and Vaughn, whose plane has crashed inside North Korea while seeking to find a defecting Russian scientist, named Leonid Lisenker, whom Sark is trying to kill before turning himself to the CIA. But Jack is faced with a curious conundrum when Katya tells him that she will not put the rescue plan in motion until he fulfills a favor: assassinate Sloane.

57 After Six
Episode 3-13, first aired 02/15/2004

Sydney and Vaughn are sent to retrieve the Doleac Agenda to gain an advantage over The Covenant. For this, Sydney and Weiss must convince rogue security systems designer Toni Cummings to help the CIA break into a Lethal Response System. Meanwhile, Sark approaches an unlikely ally, that of Lauren Reed, to kill the Covenant's six cell leaders in order to take control of Covenant for themselves at the behest of the a senior leader, the rouge agent McKennis Cole.

58 Blowback
Episode 3-14, first aired 03/07/2004

While trying to retrieve a bomb, Sydney and Vaughn are ambushed by unidentified assailants. Meanwhile, Lauren and Sark continue to solidify their new partnership as the new leaders of the Covenant. Sloane divulges a dark secret to CIA therapist Dr. Judy Barnett about his past involving Sydney and Irina Derevko. Also, Marshall shows the strains of new fatherhood.

59 Façade
Episode 3-15, first aired 03/14/2004

Sydney and Vaughn must convince bomb maker Daniel Ryan that they are part of The Covenant in order to find out where he has hidden one of his devices. But Sydney discovers that her ties to the bomber could lead him on a suicide mission when she learns that Ryan's brother was the murder victim that she killed during her interment with the Covenant, and now Ryan wants revenge.

60 Taken
Episode 3-16, first aired 03/21/2004

Sydney attempts to rescue Dixon's kids after they are kidnapped by Sark. Meanwhile, Lauren's status as a double agent for the CIA and the Covenant is put to the test when she learns that she has to work with her father; a wealthy U.S. Senator. When Laura's position is compromised, she and Sark decide to frame Sloane for being the CIA mole.

61 The Frame
Episode 3-17, first aired 03/28/2004

Sydney and Vaughn must track Kazari Bomani down to get hold of a piece of the Rambaldi puzzle before the Covenant gets their hands on it. Meanwhile, Jack reveals his suspicions to Senator Reed about his daughter Lauren's allegiances, and Vaughn decides what to do about his marriage.

62 Unveiled
Episode 3-18, first aired 04/11/2004

Sydney and Jack warn a disbelieving Vaughn about their suspicions of Lauren being the CIA mole. Meanwhile, Kazari Bomani and Sark take possession of the Rambaldi machine as part of their greater master plan. Sydney and Vaughn must stop a Covenant virus that's crippling medical facilities around the world. Sloane's secret of being Sydney's biological father is revealed to Jack, and Bomani begins to lose faith in Lauren's ability to carry out her Covenant missions.

63 Hourglass
Episode 3-19, first aired 04/18/2004

After finding out that Lauren really is working for the Covenant, Vaughn is told by Jack and Sydney to keep up the facade of a happy marriage in order to keep tabs on his wife's activities. But he's in for a shock when he uncovers the truth about Lauren's mother, Olivia, whom is in league with her daughter over the Covenant's activities. Meanwhile, Jack refuses to help exonerate Sloane of his crimes and put in motion a stay of execution, and a monk discloses the identity of the Rambaldi "Passenger" to Sydney.

64 Blood Ties
Episode 3-20, first aired 04/25/2004

After finally discovering the identity of the Rambaldi "Passenger," who is Sloane's illegitimate daughter, Sydney and Jack seek the aid of Sloane, to track the "Passenger" down, first by Sloane meeting with the five key members of a secret government group called "The Trust" to gain access to a Rambaldi device to locate the "Passenger". Sydney then travels to Chechnya to a prison where she finally finds her half-sister, Nadia Santos, an Argentine national and secret agent in hiding. Meanwhile, after learning a secret about his father from Thomas Brill, Vaughn is ...

65 Legacy
Episode 3-21, first aired 05/02/2004

With the aid of Katya Derevko and CIA imprisoned security systems designer Toni Cummings, Sydney and Vaughn attempt to track down Sloane and Nadia. But Lauren and Sark are also in hot pursuit of them in order to uncover the secrets of Rambaldi. Meanwhile, Vaughn's obsession with tracking down Lauren is beginning to consume him. During a mission to Cuba to uncover more Rimbaldi findings, Sydney and Vaughn turn the tables on an old foe; the Taiwanese scientist and torturer "suit and glasses. Also, Katya expresses her attraction to Jack.

66 Resurrection
Episode 3-22, first aired 05/23/2004

Lauren stages a stunning betrayal by impersonating Sydney and blowing up the CIA offices to steal classified materials, and nearly killing Marshall in the process. But Sark is captured during Lauren's escape, and Sydney decides to play the impersonating game herself to learn where Laura is heading off too. Meanwhile, Vaughn comes face to face with his darkest demons in pursuit of his traitorous wife. Nadia must decide whether or not she can trust her father, Sloane, in the pursuit of Rambaldi's most priceless artifact and escape from CIA custody. During a mission to ...

67 Authorized Personnel Only - Part 1
Episode 4-01, first aired 01/05/2005

Five months later. Sydney quits the CIA and joins a Black Ops unit called "Authorized Personnel Only" alongside Dixon, Jack, Vaughn and... Sloane whom for limited immunity is co-operating with the APO. Meanwhile, the truth Sydney found out in Wittenberg endangers her relationship with Jack, and eventually she reveals the awful truth to Vaughn: about her father having Irina murdered over a year earlier.

68 Authorized Personnel Only - Part 2
Episode 4-02, first aired 01/05/2005

Sydney unwillingly teams up with her father to hunt down a modern-day samurai, named Kazu Tamazaki. Meanwhile, Nadia is back home in Argentina and refuses to go back into the spy business. But she is forced to when Sydney's life is jeopardized when she's taken captive by the brutal Tamazaki. Sydney finds out the reason behind Jack's misdeed and Nadia makes an unsettling promise to Sydney to find out who murdered Irina.

69 The Awful Truth
Episode 4-03, first aired 01/12/2005

Sydney must seduce Martin Bishop, a murderous arms dealer in order to track down a stolen NSA code-breaker. Meanwhile, Vaughn fears for Weiss's life, and Sydney and Jack argue with each other about telling Nadia the truth about her mother's death.

70 Ice
Episode 4-04, first aired 01/19/2005

Sydney and Vaughn go undercover to track down a deadly new bio-weapon. Meanwhile, Sydney is concerned about Vaughn not having yet put Lauren behind, and Nadia turns to a Jack to ask for his help in finding out the truth about her mother's murder, who tries to throw Nadia away from the evidence pointing to him.

71 Welcome to Liberty Village
Episode 4-05, first aired 01/26/2005

Sydney and Vaughn go undercover as an arms dealing married couple in a mock-up setting of American suburbia to find a stolen electro-magnetic pulse weapon that when detonated, could bring back the Dark Ages. However, the neighborhood they've infiltrated is not as charming as it seems for the other "happy couples" of this American suburbia setting in Russia could spell trouble for them and their cover.

72 Nocturne
Episode 4-06, first aired 02/09/2005

When Sydney gets bitten on the neck by a missing in action CIA agent, she soon finds out that she has been infected by a experiential hallucinogen, causing her to slowly lose touch with reality. Vaughn and Jack must race against the clock to find an antidote before Sydney puts her life (and others next to her) into danger.

73 Détente
Episode 4-07, first aired 02/16/2005

While Sydney and Nadia argue about Nadia's acceptance of Sloane's fatherly concerns, Sloane worries about Nadia's well-being when she and Sydney go undercover as wealthy, irresponsible young Hilton-type heiresses to uncover the whereabouts of a deadly chemical from a playboy arms dealer.

74 Echoes
Episode 4-08, first aired 02/23/2005

Sloane temporarily steps down as director of his APO task force and gives Jack full authority over the next assignment, which involves Anna Espinosa, the former K-Directorate assassin and Sydney's old foe into racing her to go after stolen classified documents. However, Anna turns the tables on APO when she captures Nadia and forces Sydney to do her bidding. During this time, Sydney tells Nadia about the Rambaldi's prophecy which dictates that "two sisters will fight, and only one will survive." Meanwhile, Vaughn visits the imprisoned Sark and tries to trick him into ...

75 A Man of His Word
Episode 4-09, first aired 03/02/2005

While Nadia is in a coma after being shot by Anna, Sark is taken into APO to help them infiltrate the Cadmus Revolutionary Front and retrieve the stolen bomb, but in return he demands to see Lauren Reed's corpse and that Vaughn open her coffin for him. Sydney learns that the comatose Nadia may be the only person with the Intel they need to intercept the bomb, so Jack is forced to prematurely wake Nadia from her coma, endangering her life, which doesn't please Sloane when he finds out.

76 The Index
Episode 4-10, first aired 03/09/2005

Dixon secretly enlists Sydney to help him prove that Sloane is double-crossing the CIA and using APO to steel the Blackwell Index, a master blackmail list, and to reconstruct the Alliance of Twelve. Sydney makes her way into Sloane's house so as to copy the encryption key from his secure phone and crack his phone calls. When Nadia finds Sydney snooping around Sloan's computer, she doesn't tell him, but becomes disappointed in her sister and begins to lose trust with Sydney. Meanwhile, Vaughn discovers something disturbing about his late father when he visits his ...

77 The Road Home
Episode 4-11, first aired 03/16/2005

During a mission to Austria, Sydney must protect the life of an American civilian, whom she unintentionally put in danger after she acquires information about a new mini-helicopter to be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, Jack travels to Madagascar to visit with an old friend, the arms dealer Sasha Korjev whom is the mastermind behind the assassin helicopter. Back in Los Angeles, Vaughn uncovers more disturbing secrets about his father of finding a diary with notes written years after his alleged "murder," which straightens his quest to know if his father is really alive.

78 The Orphan
Episode 4-12, first aired 03/23/2005

Nadia puts her own life (as well Sydney's and Weiss's) in danger after failing to unveil her past about her involvement with a dangerous criminal, named Ceasar Martinez from her home in Argentina whom recruited her as an assassin for his gang and wants to relive old times. Meanwhile, Vaughn finds a person who is somehow connected to his father and Nadia as well.

79 Tuesday
Episode 4-13, first aired 03/30/2005

When a mission to Cuba goes wrong, Sydney is attacked and placed in serious danger of being buried alive in a sealed coffin. Back in Los Angeles, Dixon is exposed to a deadly pathogen released inside APO which is currently in lock down due to the toxin and Marshal (not being in the building at the time due to his home life problems), is the only one who can get to Sydney and save her. Only with com link help from Jack, Vaughn and the others at APO, the socially awkward and field inexperienced Marshal has to finish a very important mission on his own before it's too ...

80 Nightingale
Episode 4-14, first aired 04/06/2005

Vaughn and Sydney, searches for Vaughns father, and the word Nightingale. Getting help from her father, telling him that Vaughns father might still be alive. Jack Bristow and Sloane have their own agenda. Following Jack Intel, Sydney and Vaughn goes to Munich. Dressed as a German beer maid, Sydney roughly pursued an investment banker to give her information. They find out that Nightingale is still an active experiment, in an atomic plant in Siberia. They go on a mission to the plant. Which turns out to be very dangerous for both Sydney and her father.

81 Pandora
Episode 4-15, first aired 04/13/2005

On his own and desperate to find out more about his supposedly-dead father, Vaughn is pressured into a rogue operation for an unknown organization in exchange for information on the whereabouts of his father. He gains more than he bargained for in the deal. Meanwhile, Nadia is meeting with her aunt, Katya Derevko, in order to learn more about her mother, but Sydney doesn't trust Katya's motives.

82 Another Mister Sloane
Episode 4-16, first aired 04/20/2005

Sydney and Vaughn tell Jack about Sloane's alleged involvement in Vaughn's search for his father and Irina's contract on Sydney's life. After cornering Sloane, they both conclude that someone is framing him. The APO team set a trap to catch the fake A. Sloane, but they fail. Once they realize what "Arvin Clone" is after, Sloane suggests to step down, temporarily. However, Sydney reluctantly convinces him to stay on the case, since he may the only person able to anticipate "Arvin Clone"'s next move. But Nadia fears that this pursuit may revive her father's past ...

83 A Clean Conscience
Episode 4-17, first aired 04/27/2005

Nadia's former caretaker, Sophia, has been severely beaten. She contacts Nadia and asks to meet her. Sloane is told by Sophia that she was beaten up, because someone is trying to track Nadia down, so he and Jack decide to tell their daughters the truth. It turns out that Elena Derevko, the third and the cruelest of the Derevko sisters, has been surveying both Sydney and Nadia for a decade. Meanwhile, Jack's doctor advises him to tell Sydney about his illness.

84 Mirage
Episode 4-18, first aired 05/04/2005

Jack's illness has caused him to hallucinate about a cure among other things. As a result, Sydney must recreate the time when Jack was working for the CIA and hid the only man who might be able to help him now. For this, Sydney must role play her own mother. Meanwhile, Sophia moves in with Sydney and Nadia.

85 In Dreams...
Episode 4-19, first aired 05/11/2005

Sydney and the rest of the team finally capture the Sloane impostor and bring him to APO where they question him to find a rare Rambaldi orchid whose pollen has some miraculous capabilities with a Rambaldi device. However, the real Sloane must relive a painful memory with his late wife Emily in order to get the Imposter Sloane to reveal the orchid location.

86 The Descent
Episode 4-20, first aired 05/18/2005

After a tactical group infiltrates the DSR and steals all the Rambaldi artifacts, CIA director Hayden Chase discovers that the alarms at the DSR were disabled from Nadia's computer, allowing the raid to happen. Mrs. Chase shows up at the apartment to question her. Soon Sloane and Jack arrive and suspect that Sophia, who had access to the computer while she was living with Sydney and Nadia, is in fact Elena Derevko. They follow her trail to a dead Rambaldi follower, a stunning betrayal, and a presumed dead family member when in a surprising twist, Sydney and Nadia ...

87 Search and Rescue
Episode 4-21, first aired 05/18/2005

Rambaldi's catastrophic endgame begins to fall into place as a giant red ball version of the Circumference/Mueller device is found floating over a large city in Russia, driving the citizens mad with violence. After a wounded Dixon reveals that Irina is alive, Sydney, Nadia, and Jack set off to find her. It turns out that Irina had been captured, and then duplicated using Project Helix, in order to give the impression that she was dead. Sydney and Nadia discover Irina being held inside a camp in Tikal, safely in the clutches of Elena's private army. Irina had ...

88 Before the Flood
Episode 4-22, first aired 05/25/2005

Jack, Sydney, Irina, Vaughn and Nadia parachute into Sovogda, Russa to dismantle the giant floating red ball of the Circumfrence which is turning people into mindless, red-eyed zombies out to kill. Back at APO, Marshall and Weiss try use the Blackwell Index to blackmail the Russian defense minister into giving them the access codes to a Russian satellite before the local authorities plan to drop a nuclear bomb on the city to destroy it and prevent the spread of the contagion, and they also discover that Elena is up linking the satellite. In the ruins of the city, a ...

89 Prophet Five
Episode 5-01, first aired 09/29/2005

After learning that the man she has known as Michael Vaughn is under investigation and suspected of being a double agent for another secret terrorist group called Prophet Five, Sydney begins to question whether their business and personal relationship over the years had all been a lie. When she discovers that she's pregnant with Vaughn's baby, she becomes determined to uncover the truth about him. Meanwhile, because of Jack's past betrayal by Irina, he begins to worry that his daughter may suffer the same fate that he did.

90 ...1...
Episode 5-02, first aired 10/06/2005

Four months after Vaughn's murder by the traitorous Gordon Dean and his associate Ivan Curtis, a grief-stricken Sydney teams up with Renée Rienne, a French freelance assassin and fugitive on the CIA's most wanted list who knew Vaughn from their past association with Prophet Five, to ask for leads in order to track down the killers before they can strike again. Meanwhile, Jack enlists a reluctant new agent, Thomas Grace, as Vaughn's replacement at APO, and Weiss struggles to decide whether or not to accept a promotion that would force him to move to Washington D.C. and...

91 The Shed
Episode 5-03, first aired 10/13/2005

Following the theft of a deadly virus, code named Substance 33, in Turkey, Sydney is forced to partner on a mission with new APO agent Thomas Grace where they and Marshall travel to Prauge to look for the stolen virus container where their paths cross with Rachel Gibson, a spy suspected of being involved in activities against the U.S., has something shockingly in common with Sydney that she's working for a black ops group called The Shed, that is run by Gordon Dean and his murderous associate Kelly Peyton. Sydney and Tom must persuade Rachel to infiltrate The Shed to ...

92 Mockingbird
Episode 5-04, first aired 10/20/2005

While Sloane awaits the outcome of his sentencing for treason, a mysterious associate of Gordon Dean approaches him for a favor in exchange for persuading the judges to rule in favor of acquittal. Meanwhile, Sydney and Tom must try to convince Rachel to help them catch the fugitive Gordon Dean who moves his operations to more secure locations. Sydney and Rachel return to the ruins of the Shed's offices in Prague for Rachel to reconstruction Dean's computer server so Tom and Dixon in the Cayman Islands can empty out Dean's bank accounts. Although they are successful, ...

93 Out of the Box
Episode 5-05, first aired 10/27/2005

Sydney and Tom travel to Marseilles, France when they discover that Renée has stolen the cryo container which contains the cryogenically frozen body of her supposedly dead father. But they soon find themselves under siege in Renée's warehouse hideout by a group of mercenaries who want to reclaim Renée's father when he awakes up from his cryo-induced sleep... so it appears. Meanwhile, Rachel and Dixon travel to San Francisco to assist Marshall in the break-in of a vault facility to copy files to learn more about Renee's father. Elsewhere, Sloane takes matters into his ...

94 Solo
Episode 5-06, first aired 11/10/2005

After Sydney and the APO team infiltrates a formal party at the Chinese embassy in India to locate a fugitive arms dealer, named Janos Vak, Rachel is chosen to begin very first solo mission by infiltrating an off-shore oil platform, with com-links from Sydney whose pregnancy now limits her role in missions, to steal some computer software from Janos to gain the location of a new weapon. Meanwhile, Sloan, now back at APO, is in frequent contact with the elusive Gordon Dean who wants him to keep close tabs on APO, leading to Dean sending his lethal right-hand assassin, ...

95 Fait Accompli
Episode 5-07, first aired 11/17/2005

Sloane decides to betray Dean when he learns that Nadia's condition will probably not improve. They meet at a race track in Dubai to exchange a network access card which Sydney and Renee stole in Rome, leading to Dean finally being captured. The APO interrogates Dean for information on Prophet Five. Yet another mysterious stranger asks Sloane to eliminate Dean. Meanwhile, Nadia comes out of her coma for a short time after a nameless nurse leaves her room. Under orders from his new Prophet Five contacts, Sloane kills Dean during a routine reboot of the APO's ...

96 Bob
Episode 5-08, first aired 12/07/2005

An incident concerning a microwave bomb brings APO to send Rachel in Sao Paolo in order to take information about this weapon. However, another person who is named "Bob" is also after this information. Rachel has a fling with him, but back at APO, she finds out that he is Julian Sark. Meanwhile, Jack and an old friend are caught by Lazaré while on a stalking mission. Knowing Rachel has a clue to meet Stark, Sydney must deal with this foe in order to free her father from the hands of Lazaré in Tunisia...

97 The Horizon
Episode 5-09, first aired 12/14/2005

When Kelly Peyton steals some software from a CIA warehouse concerning the late Michael Vaughn, Sydney is soon abducted by Prophet Five agents where she is subjected to a hypnotic state making her flash back to her happier times with Vaughn in order to learn where a supposedly powerful device, called The Horizon, is located. Meanwhile, Jack must team up with Renée to locate Sydney when they captured and torture Aldo Desantis, while the mastermind behind Prophet Five is finally revealed... and why the person has a strong interest in Sydney's unborn daughter.

98 S.O.S.
Episode 5-10, first aired 04/19/2006

After escaping from Peyton and her henchmen, and learning she's on a freighter at sea, Sydney goes to the communications room and sends a message to APO routed through the CIA to her whereabouts. Unbeknownst to her, the message is intercepted by a mole at the CIA working for Prophet Five, although APO was able to obtain a piece of the transmission. Wanting to retrieve Sydney, the APO team, Rachel, Tom, Dixon, and Marshall attempt to break into a secured server room located at Langley with the goal of obtaining the remaining part of the transmission. Problems arise, ...

99 Maternal Instinct
Episode 5-11, first aired 04/19/2006

Now nine months pregnant and on maternity leave, Sydney is surprised when her mother, Irina Derevko, shows up at her front door pretending to be a victim pursued by Prophet Five to get information on the whereabouts of 'The Horizon'. Jack, Sydney and Irina travel to Vancouver to an high-rise office building to steal the Horizon, only to get trapped on the upper floors when Peyton and hit team show up, forcing Jack to do battle with them alone as Sydney finally begins to go into labor with Irina as her labor coach. Elsewhere, while Dixon meets with Renee in Paris for ...

100 There's Only One Sydney Bristow
Episode 5-12, first aired 04/26/2006

One month later, with Sydney on maternity leave, she gets forced back into the field when her old enemy, Anna Espinosa, returns after she's secretly sprung from prison by Peyton who gives her a job offer to work for Prophet Five whose leaders have secretly contact with Sloan to get him to set up Sydney in exchange for getting the cure for Nadia. Anna decides that to get at Sydney is that she needs to go through her friends, leading to Anna to abduct Will Tippen. Sydney, along with APO, is forced to try to find Anna and save Will before he's killed unaware that Prophet...

101 30 Seconds
Episode 5-13, first aired 05/03/2006

While Sydney and the rest of APO try to learn more about Prophet Five and what their plans for Sydney are, Sloane finally acquires a bottle of serum from Prophet Five as a cure for the comatose Nadia. But Sloane becomes distraught when he learns that for it to work, he must stop Nadia's heart for a full 30 seconds. When the proceeder is successful, Jack becomes suspicious about Sloane's possible involvement with Prophet Five, leading him and Nadia to investigate, while the rest of the APO team continues searching for Anna Espinosa, unaware that she has been duplicated...

102 I See Dead People
Episode 5-14, first aired 05/10/2006

Visions trouble Sloane while he works for Prophet Five in deciphering the Rimbaldi Page 47 artifact. Meanwhile, a computer chip is found in the dead Renée's body leading Sydney to try to make contact with Vaughn.

103 No Hard Feelings
Episode 5-15, first aired 05/17/2006

Sydney must remain undercover and work with Sark to track down Rambaldi's final clue located in a prison in Italy before Sloan, Peyton, and the rest of Prophet Five finds it.

104 Reprisal
Episode 5-16, first aired 05/22/2006

Sloane takes Rachel and Marshall hostage to force them to help him find the Rambaldi clue that he is missing. Sydney, Vaughn and APO try to save them by having Marshall's wife, Carrie, to help out, while Sloan plots with Sark and Peyton to take over Prophet Five for themselves.

105 All the Time in the World
Episode 5-17, first aired 05/22/2006

In the aftermath of the destruction of APO, Sydney, Jack and Vaughn must find a way to stop Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane from fulfilling the Rambaldi endgame of Armaggendon.


I was a big fan of Alias during its first season but then life took over for a while and I missed most of season two and much of season three. I think that was my loss and I look forward to NetFlix to make up for it.

The biggest miss was for Jennifer Garner. I have never seen anything I didn't like of hers, including Daredevil and Electra (less so on that one). She is an incredibly versatile actress who can play silly and angry and happy with total believability. She can also play "don't mess with me or I will kick your butt so hard you'll have to unzip your pants to blow your nose" very well.

The books are good and the writers are solid. They are limited, of course, by not being able to take the characters anywhere but down the middle.


My Grade: B+


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