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Full Name: Allan Trotter or Clifford Driscoll
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: William DeAndrea
Time Span: 1984 - 1990


Allan Trotter, aka Clifford Driscoll, is an agent for the Agency.

In truth, though, neither really exist. Both are covernames he chose instead of his real name because his real identity is hardly a real one either.

The gentleman in question is the very best agent that the highly secret Intelligence Organization which called itself simply the Agency (not to be confused with the use of that world by employees of the CIA). He is the very best because he was literally bred for the job.

Before his birth, the Agency was a small organization run out of the Pentagon by the General. On one of the cases they handled, they caught a female Russian spy who had seduced so many men and gained such vital, devastating information, it surprised the General the U.S. was still around. When they tried to interrogate her to get a true sense of what she had done, they found the couldn't. This amazing woman could not be broken, either by drugs, depravation, coercion, or even torture. After weeks of trying they were no further along than at the beginning. The General's admiration for her was almost as strong as his hatred.

Then he got an idea. His will and determination rivaled her. A child of the two could be an incredible asset. He slept with her until she became pregnant. The boy that resulted was taken and trained. And trained. And trained.

In the meantime, Congress was growing too watchful over all the agencies so the General retired, found a small district in his home state, bought an election and became a Congressman. In Congress he used the considerable amount of material he had on his colleagues to be put in charge of the watchdog committee overseeing his former Agency. Now back in charge with near total control, the Congressman, as he was called from then on, also now had a son who was old enough for action.

As the series opens, the main character has fled the Agency to find a life of his own. That didn't last long. An assignment came up that needed him and the Congressman was not one to be denied.

Driscoll, as he called himself, was back in action. As time and the series goes on, he would change his name, after two books, to Allan Trotter but he stayed the same man. A man darned good at his job and hating himself for it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1984
Last Appearance:1990

1 Cronus Cronus
Written by William DeAndrea
Copyright: 1984

Project Cronus was an insidious plot by the Soviet Union to infiltrate the most powerful families of America and thus control from within. The kidnapping of the daughter of an industrialist seems to be the first act in the activation of the long-ago seeded plan.

2 Snark Snark
Written by William DeAndrea
Copyright: 1985

Driscoll, now calling himself Bellman, is sent to England to help in the disappearance of the head of British Intelligence. He is also determined to find the Soviet agent he fought in the first book and that man is just as determined to kill Driscoll/Bellman.

3 Azreal Azreal
Written by William DeAndrea
Copyright: 1987

Petra Hudson had been a part of the Cronus Plan, sent to America to seduce a leading newspaper owner and bear children with him which could be indoctrinated to the Soviet cause. Then her husband died at an early age leaving her in charge of his empire and she doesn't want to cooperate with her Soviet masters.

4 Atropos Atropos
Written by William DeAndrea
Copyright: 1990

Driscoll/Bellman is now Trotter and he has again fled the Agency. Then his father, the Congressman, has a stroke and Trotter is thrust back into the life, this time as the Agency's interim Director.


When a man has won two prestigious Edgar awards for writing (and a third for an incredible research book that I used extensively), you know the book is going to be good. You may not know if you like the character (I do) or the plot (I do) or the direction the series takes (I do) but you know the quality of the writing will be great, and it is.

Mr. DeAndrea left the world far, far too early. He gave us tremendous stories to read but we are poorer for his passing and our loss of what he might have written.


My Grade: A


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