1952 - 1996

Writing as: William DeAndrea

One of the very few people who has won the highly prestigious Edgar award more than once, he won it three times, two for writing and one for the exceptional research book Encyclopedia Mysteriosa. DeAndrea was born in Port Chester, New York and went to Syracuse University. In addition to his spy series, DeAndrea was best known for his mystery series including the Matt Cobb and the Professore Benedetti books.

Series Books
Allan Trotter Cronus (1984)
  Snark (1985)
  Azreal (1987)
  Atropos (1990)
Other Killed in the Ratings [Matt Cobb] (1978)
  The Hog Murders [Niccolo Benedetti] (1979)
  The Lunatic Fringe (1980)
  Killed in the Act [Matt Cobb] (1981)
  Five O’Clock Lightning (1982)
  Killed with a Passion [Matt Cobb] (1983)
  Killed on the Ice [Matt Cobb] (1984)
  Unholy Moses (1985)
  Keep the Baby, Faith (1986)
  Killed in Paradise [Matt Cobb] (1988)
  Killed on the Rocks [Matt Cobb] (1990)
  The Manx Murders [Niccolo Benedetti] (1992)
  The Werewolf Murders [Niccolo Benedetti] (1992)
  Killed in Fringe Time [Matt Cobb] (1995)
  Written in Fire [Lobo Blacke; Quinn Booker] (1995)
  Killed in the Fog [Matt Cobb] (1996)
  The Fatal Elixir [Lobo Blacke; Quinn Booker] (1996)