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Full Name: Thomas and Prudence Beresford
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Agatha Christie
Time Span: 1922 - 2006


       Tuppence and Tommy Beresford are agents for the British Secret Service.
       Agatha Christie tried her hand at numerous genres, all connected to mysteries, especially in her early years. One of these experiments introduced two young people reunited after several years, both in need of money. While joking over a lunch about becoming 'adventurers' for hire, they are overheard by the head of the British Secret Service. He saw in them just the pair he needed to handle a delicate mission. Thus did Tommy and Prudence, nicknamed Tuppence, get their introduction into both espionage work and solving murders.
       A few years later, Dame Agatha collected more tales of this delightful pair of snoops into another volume but after that, they fairly retired for they were not heard again until 12 years later with an adventure fighting German spies at the beginning of the Second World War. Afterwards, they disappeared as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot took center stage.
       Perhaps it was nostalgia that caused her to resurrect her two lovebirds 27 years later. She had aged them properly for they were now in the late sixties but they were just as adventurous as they had been when penniless years before.
       One part of me did not feel they belonged in this collection. The two adventures they had during the post-War period were really murder mysteries. Still, numerous lists of spy series I have seen have included the Beresford's and, since I have been reading Agatha Christie stories since I was little, it was fun to revisit her.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1922
Last Appearance:1973

1 The Secret Adversary The Secret Adversary
Written by Agatha Christie
Copyright: 1922

Old friends meet again and, in need of work, take on a job for the British Secret Service to find out what happened to Jane Finn five years ago and the secret documents she was carrying at the time.
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2 Partners In Crime Partners In Crime
Written by Agatha Christie
Copyright: 1929

In this collection of short stories, the couple buy a a detective agency that the Secret Service says might be a drop site for Soviet spies. As they await such an event, they solve numerous mysteries.
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3 N or M N or M
Written by Agatha Christie
Copyright: 1941

As the man lay dying he uttered five words which were the codenames of Hitler's prize agents. Tommy and Tuppence travel to the seaside resort where he was killed to track down the killer and possibly stop the espionage ring.
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4 By The Pricking Of My Thumb By The Pricking Of My Thumb
Written by Agatha Christie
Copyright: 1968

Now an elderly couple, Tommy and Tuppence pay a visit to a dying aunt and end up first investigating the disappearance of a neighbor and then the disappearance of Tuppence.
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5 Postern Of Fate Postern Of Fate
Written by Agatha Christie
Copyright: 1973

Recently moved into their new home, Tommy and Tuppence become involved in a murder mystery connected to a woman who may or may not have been a German spy during WWII.
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Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:2006

1 The Secret Adversary The Secret Adversary
Director: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Pat Sandys, Agatha Christie
Actors: James Warwick as Tommy Beresford, Francesca Annis as Tuppence Cowley, George Baker as Whittington
Released: 1983

Two old friends meet again and decide to earn a living as private investigators. Their first real case gets them in the hunt for a missing treaty going up against Bolshevics.

2 By The Pricking Of My Thumbs By The Pricking Of My Thumbs
Director: Peter Medak
Writers: Stewart Harcourt, Agatha Christie
Actors: Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, Anthony Andrews as Tommy Beresford, Greta Scacchi as Tuppense Beresford, Claire Bloom as Aunt Ada
Released: 2006

A tv movie joining the forces of Miss Jane Marple with Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, the threesome investigate the murderer of Tommy's Aunt Ada.


Number of Episodes:11
First Appearance:9999
Last Appearance:1000
Network:ITV (UK)

James WarwickTommy Beresford [ 1 ]
Francesca AnnisTuppence Beresford [ 1 ]

This limited series consisted of stories taken from the second published book in the Tommy and Tuppence series. It deals with the newlywed couple taking over a detective agancy.



       I appreciate good murder mysteries and Agatha Christie always came through. The repartee between the two main characters is a lot of fun to read as both sides give and take so admirably. They have been compared to Dashiell Hammett's Nick and Nora Charles of the Thin Man fame but Tommy and Tuppence preceded the more famous pair by 12 years.
       Don't read this series if espionage is all you are looking for but don't pass them by if you like mysteries. You will find that Tommy is smart but Tuppence is a riot and it is she that really drives the series, whether she is a young woman out for adventure or an elderly matron out for, well, adventure. Thank goodness she never changed!


My Grade: B-


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