The Clergyman's Daughter

The Clergyman's Daughter

Written by Agatha Christie

Part 1 of a 2-part story. "An old aunt has left Monica Deane and her mother a large house but no means by which to maintain it. The mother and daughter want to keep the lovely home, but find it necessary to take in lodgers to keep the place up. Unfortunately, the house seems to be inhabited by poltergeists, which makes it difficult to keep lodgers. The Deanes become besieged by a prospective buyer, who seems too anxious to buy the “haunted” house. When Tommy and Tuppence investigate they find not only the spiteful spirits, but the reason the prospective buyer is so anxious to own the house."
14th story in the collection Partners In Crime.
First published as The First Wish in the December 1923 (#226) of The Grand Magazine.

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