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Full Name: Peter Thorn
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Army
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: Larry Bond
Time Span: 1996 - 1998


Peter Thorn is a Colonel in the Unites States Rangers.

A member of Delta Force and an expert in anti-terrorist activity, he is on the front line in the growing war with radicalism. He is in his mid 30's, having served 14 years in the service prior to the first book.

As the series begins, he is completing a two-year stint as leader of one of the three Delta Force detachments, a position he has enjoyed immensely and which he is giving up reluctantly. Orders are orders, though, and this career soldier knows he has no choice but to take the next rung up the ladder.

And thus he is moved to a newly created secret liaison team specializing in monitoring potential terrorist threats to not only the safety of the nation but also geared towards which could hamper the military's ability to react.

Thorn has considerable experience with the Middle East. His father was a senior officer in the Special Forces stationed for many years in that region and taking his family with him. This included three years in Iran as his father helped train the Shah's elite soldiers. This time in the region has given him more than just a solid talent in their languages; it has made him an expert in what make so many of them tick and how they are likely to react to different provocations.

A graduate of West Point, Thorn had wanted for many years to become a Ranger. Though his father had been a Green Beret and Thorn had the utmost respect for that force, the work done by the Rangers was what interested him. He saw during the incredibly rigorous training that the skills and discipline his father had instilled in him kept him going and enduring.

Now in his new job with so much depending on his ability to survive in a war where the enemy wore no uniform and fought by no rules, his training is coming in very good use.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1996
Last Appearance:1998

1 The Enemy Within The Enemy Within
Written by Larry Bond
Copyright: 1996

Iranian terrorists are staging numerous attacks in the United States, disguising their origins as domestic militia groups and race-related violence. Peter Thorn believes he knows who is behind it but no one will listen. He needs the help of an FBI agent to prove it.

2 Day Of Wrath Day Of Wrath
Written by Larry Bond
Copyright: 1998

A terrorist leader with seemingly unlimited resources is smuggling in nuclear weapons into the US, enough to take out most of the military bases along with millions of civilians. Peter Thorn and FBI Agent Gray again join forces to stop the upcoming slaughter.


I like Mr. Bond's understanding of the military and his ability to portray it as the honorable life that it is. Every profession has its bad eggs but the dedication that most in the military have, and the great love of their country, is tremendous and it is a great pleasure to read it so well described. He and Mr. Larkin are to be congratulated.

I also like Peter Thorn. He is human. He is fallible. And he is a terrific person to have watch your back in any situation. He has served his country for a lot of years, has no desire to stop serving, and represents well the real men and women in service.


My Grade: B+


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