1952 -

Writing as: Larry Bond

Getting his start as a professional writer by working with Tom Clancy on that author's second best-seller, Mr. Bond has stayed in the writing business by coming out with action adventures of his own in which he uses his knowledge of modern warfare, especially naval and more especially submarines, to give his books such a feeling of truth that they are captivating. Before that, however, He co-created one of the greatest naval warfare computer games ever devised, the award-winning and legendary Harpoon and its several iterations. It is so good, and so realistic, that it is used at the Naval Academy as a training aid. Mr. Bond is a graduate of St. Thomas College in Minnesota. His first post-college employment was as a computer programmer before he was selected to go to Officer Candidate School where he soon entered the Navy as an officer. He remained therein for six years. Afterwards, he got employment for a time as a naval analyst for defense consulting firms but his love of gaming in general and computer gaming in particular moved him to that line of work.

Series Books
First Team First Team (2004)
  Angels of Wrath (2006)
  Fires of War (2007)
  Soul of the Assassin (2008)
Peter Thorn The Enemy Within (1996)
  Day Of Wrath (1998)
Other Red Storm Rising - with Tom Clancy (1986)
  Battles of the Third World War [NF] (1987)
  Red Phoenix (1989)
  Vortex (1991)
  Cauldron (1993)
  Dangerous Ground [Jerry Mitchell] (2005)
  Shadows of War - with Jim DeFelice [Red Dragon Rising] (2009)
  Cold Choices [Jerry Mitchell] (2009)
  Edge of War - with Jim DeFelice [Red Dragon Rising] (2010)
  Shock of War - with Jim DeFelice [Red Dragon Rising] (2012)
  Exit Plan (2012)
  Blood of War - with Jim DeFelice [Red Dragon Rising] (2013)