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Full Name: Ian Quayle
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alan Caillou
Time Span: 1986 - 1987


Ian Quayle is an agent with MI-6.

He is a playboy, a gentleman, a lover, and a genius at research. He is totally fluent in five foreign languages and quite comfortable in several others. He expertly handles his beloved Mini-Cooper 'S' at speeds well over 100 and can get a great table at any decent restaurant on the Continent. Everyone who is anyone knows him, apparently.

They would then know that he is also a remarkable jerk, IMHO. He is frequently petulant, at times even truculent, and always ready with a biting quip. His mercurial changes in mood can have him biting your arm off one second and patting you on the back the next. Furthermore, his internal conflict between being nervous about danger and his tremendous ego make him a confusing individual. 

Of course, he is incredibly handsome, which is why women throw themselves at him constantly, despite the complaint by his sometime lady friend, Wendy, who maintain he hasn't a clue how to satisfy a partner. This natural attraction only helps his inflated ego stay full.

Quayle has worked for over 16 years as a researcher for a branch of MI6 known as the Continental Liaison Board under the direction of Robin Harris, whom he likes and respects, and the redoubtable Mrs. French, whom he despises. Also serving with him is Wendy who outranks him which rankles a lot, giving a good indication how he feels about women in general.

As a researcher, Quayle is without peer but as a Field Officer he leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, in the two chronicled adventures, that is just what life forces him to be. True to form, Quayle is not above complaining about it. Often.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:1987

1 A League Of Hawks A League Of Hawks
Written by Alan Caillou
Copyright: 1986

After years of being a researcher, Ian Quayle is picked to investigate the assassination of a prominent Italian general, the probable work of a terrorist band, but soon finds himself the main lot in a spy auction.

2 The Swords Of God The Swords Of God
Written by Alan Caillou
Copyright: 1987

The upcoming summit of Intelligence leaders from all over Europe has attracted the ire of a particularly volatile terrorist leader who has vowed to destroy the proceedings. It is the job of Ian Quayle to help keep him from succeeding.


I really can't say if the author intended Quayle to be a jerk but he certainly comes across that way. There have been a few characters I've read that I wouldn't mind kicking in the shins but this is possibly one who needs a spanking.

The other two series by Mr. Caillou (Benasque and Cain) are darn good ones. This one, written when the author was in his seventies, isn't. The writing is certainly good but the character is such a poop-head (a technical term) that I just couldn't enjoy the stories.


My Grade: C


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