1914 - 2006

Writing as: Alan Caillou, Alex Webb

A truly renaissance man, Alan Lyle-Smythe, known to readers as Alan Caillou, was at one time a professional hunter, a policeman, and a soldier. He was also a novelist, a screenwriter, and an actor. Born in Surrey, he lived for a while in his 20s in Palestine where he was a member of the British police force there. He became an expert in Arabic at that time and earned an MBE for his services. When WWII broke out, he was commissioned in the Royal Army where his experiences in the Middle East and his language skills made him a natural for the Intelligence Corps. It was while working in the North African area that he started using the covername Caillou. During his service he was a POW for a time before being freed and sent to Yugoslavia to work with the partisans there.

Series Books
Alan Caillou
Mike Benasque The Plotters (1960)
  Marseilles (1964)
  Who'll Buy My Evil (1966)
  Diamonds Wild (1979)
Cabot Cain Assault On Kolchak (1969)
  Assault On Ming (1969)
  Assault On Loveless (1969)
  Assault On Fellawi (1972)
  Assault On Agathon (1972)
  Assault On Aimata (1975)
Ian Quayle A League Of Hawks (1986)
  The Swords Of God (1987)
Other Rogue's Gambit (1955)
  Alien Virus aka Cairo Cabal (1957)
  A Journey to Orassia (1965)
  Bichu the Jaguar (1969)
  Terror in Rio [Tobin] (1971)
  Dead Sea Submarine [Tobin] (1971)
  Congo War Cry [Tobin] (1972)
  Afghan Assault [Tobin] (1972)
  The Mindanao Pearl (1973)
  Swamp War [Tobin] (1973)
  Death Charge [Tobin] (1973)
  The Garonsky Missile [Tobin] (1976)
  Joshua's People (1982)
  The House on Curzon Street (1983)
  A Woman of Quality (1984)
  The Prophetess (1984)
  Khartoum (2000)
  The Walls of Jolo (2000)
  Sheba Slept Here (2000)
  The World Is Six Feet Square (2000)
  Rampage (2000)
  Field of Women (2000)
Alex Webb
Other Blood Run [Josh Dekker] (1985)
  Dekker's Demons [Josh Dekker] (1985)