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Full Name: Sam Packer
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Geoffrey Archer
Time Span: 1998 - 2002


Sam Packer is an agent of MI-6.

He must be good at his covert job because there is very little information about him or his history to be gleamed in the three books that talk of his adventures.

Packer is 35 years old, just at 6' tall, and in quite good physical shape. He is extremely resilient but still very human based on his reactions to torture and imprisonment told in the first book. As he is being beaten and interrogated, he is trying desperately to not tell anything important even as he struggles to learn as much from the questions as he can.

He is respected by his superiors in the Service but not overly so as they send him on critical missions, expectant of his success, but don't listen to words of warning from him.

Being in the field gives him a better perspective of the way things really are out there, not how his superiors back at headquarters would like to think they are. When he tries to tell them the truth, they are forced to denigrate his intel and by extension, him. Packer naturally resents this insult to his skills and his reputation but it even more frustrates him and makes him wonder why he keeps risking his neck.

As the series moves to the third book, Packer's confidence gets better and better as he knows he knows how to do his job but since others have learned how good he is, his job also gets harder to do.

And through much of the hazards that he faces and the pain and suffering he has to endure to get his job done, he cannot help but wonder if life would not be a whole lot easier if he just walked away from it all and went sailing.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2002

1 Fire Hawk Fire Hawk
Written by Geoffrey Archer
Copyright: 1998

Sam Packer had discovered vital information about Saddam's weapons program but was captured by the Iraqis. Extreme torture ensued and his masters gave him up for dead. Only the pushing of his ex-lover got him swapped and then she was murdered. Packer now wants information and revenge.

2 The Lucifer Network The Lucifer Network
Written by Geoffrey Archer
Copyright: 2001

A fellow agent working in Zambia has learned of a terrible weapon Islamic militants there have acquired but the man is killed in front of Sam Packer before the information can be passed. Now Packer has to start over and quickly.

3 The Burma Legacy The Burma Legacy
Written by Geoffrey Archer
Copyright: 2002

A man named Harrison had, during WWII, suffered greatly under a Japanese interrogator. Now, 55 years later, he believes a wealthy industrialist is that same Japanese man he hates so much and has sworn to kill. Sam Packer is told to stop him but Packer is being pursued himself for other reasons.


In the first few pages of the first Packer adventure, I wondered if I could get through it. The character was suffering greatly as a result of torture and I had a hard time understanding - was the man delusional, unhinged, scheming, what? And then his former lover shows up and her emotions are all jumbled and I really despaired.

Luckily, I held on and found that Sam Packer is a good man to have on your side, or to avenge you as is the case in the first book. The writing is solid as are the stories. I would have liked to learn more about Packer than I did but I did get to have fun watching him do his thing.


My Grade: B


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