1944 -

Writing as: Geoffrey Archer

Born in London, Geoffrey Archer tried several occupations before getting a chance to work at a television news department, starting as a researcher before getting a reporting position. He found his niche as a defense correspondent for ITN in England. He reported from several war-torn regions of the world, giving him special insight into the look and feel of troubled areas as well as real-life experience with having himself in harm's way. In addition to the Sam Packer series, he has written several other critically acclaimed thriller novels.

Series Books
Sam Packer Fire Hawk (1998)
  The Lucifer Network (2001)
  The Burma Legacy (2002)
Other Sky Dancer (1988)
  Shadow Hunter (1989)
  Eagle Trap (1993)
  Scorpion Trail (1995)
  Java Spider (1997)
  Dark Angel (2004)