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Full Name: Peter Munro
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ian Stuart Black
Time Span: 1976 - 1979


Peter Munro is an agent for the Travelers, a branch of the British Secret Service. At least he had been for three years before the first book of the series. Then a mission gone horribly wrong resulted in his partner being shot on the Greece-Albania border and Munro being captured by the Albanians while trying to get the partner to safety.

Before he was a spy, Munro had owned a fairly successful china business, traveling to Dresden in East Germany to purchase exquisite dinnerware and then shipping it to the West for a tidy profit. The ease with which he was able to come and go brought him to the attention of the Travelers, who specialized in such people, namely people who were already experienced in international commerce and who could, through their lines of work and their connections, move about without attracting attention.

Several months of intense training followed his recruitment and then Munro was not only a businessman, he was a contract agent. He was expected to continue to operate his business but also expand its theater of operations to better give him more places he could go without suspicion.

After his friend was shot and he was captured, Munro spent a grueling eighteen months as a prisoner before a swap was arranged. During that time, he was constantly interrogated. Though, he says, no physical damage was done, the mental torture was enough. Upon his repatriation, he quit the agency as he was definitely tired of the work and, with his cover totally blown, they could have no further use of him.

Surprisingly, though, they still very much do have a use for him, but not as he might expect or desire.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1979

1 The Man On The Bridge The Man On The Bridge
Written by Ian Stuart Black
Copyright: 1976

Munro had barely recovered from his injuries suffered when he tried to rescue his friend and partner in Albania. His friend died at the last minute on a bridge. Now his young widow-bride wants to visit that spot and the head of the bureau asks Munro to take her.

2 Journey To A Safe Place Journey To A Safe Place
Written by Ian Stuart Black
Copyright: 1979

Even as he struggles with his career in tatters, Munro is told that someone in Beirut has something highly valuable to sell and he will only deal with Munro. Soon Munro is in the Middle East fighting to save a Russian and his daughter.


I was impressed with the writing of Mr. Black and the way he let you into the head of Munro easily and comfortably. You got Munro's sense of distrust of everyone while still holding on to the hope that maybe someone really was what they seemed. They probably weren't but at least he could hope.

Munro is not an idiot or an idealist but he gets really tired of everyone lying and cheating him and he can prove that he does not have to take it - he can and does fight back. But there are a lot of 'them' and just the one 'him'. The odds are never on Munro's side.


My Grade: B


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