1915 - 1997

Writing as: Ian Stuart Black

In addition to the two-book spy series about Peter Munro, Mr. Black was a prolific screenplay writer who produced scripts for numerous British series including The Invisible Man (1959), Doctor Who (1967), and five episodes for the terrific spy drama Danger Man (1960-61). He also worked on movie screenplays and had one of his books turned into a movie. He was born and raised in London.

Series Books
Peter Munro The Man On The Bridge (1976)
  Journey To A Safe Place (1979)
Other In the Wake of a Stranger (1953)
  We Must Kill Toni - play (1953)
  The Passionate City (1961)
  The High Bright Sun (1962)
  Even Less Legal - play (1964)
  Nothing Legal - play (1964)
  Caribbean Strip (1978)
  Yellow Flag (1979)
  Love in Four Countries (1980)
  Creatures in a Dream (1985)
  The Savages [Doctor Who] (1986)
  The Macra Terror [Doctor Who] (1987)
  The War Machines [Doctor Who] (1989)
  Cry Wolf (1990)