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Full Name: Jake Maroc
Nationality: American
Organization: The Quarry
Occupation Agent

Creator: Eric Van Lustbader
Time Span: 1985 - 1986


Jake Maroc is an agent for the Quarry.

The Quarry is a secret government intelligence agency created by a President fifteen years before the start of the series, dedicated to fighting those foreign enemies who seek to foment chaos in the international arena, whether another country or private individual. As his personal strong arm, the men and women of the Quarry answer only to him. While it is fairly large, based on the number of operatives it has, it has managed to remain below the public's radar. It is quite well known by its adversaries but it still unknown to the average citizen.

Maroc is one of the longest serving, and one of the best, agents of that the Quarry has had. Maroc is half-American and half-Chinese trained by the best martial arts instructor in Hong Kong. Being of two worlds, Maroc had understanding that few other agents can. He also has incurred the distrust of many who want him to choose one side forever.

As the series opens, Maroc is living in Hong Kong with his wife Mariana, hunting for a man who has been his nemesis for many years and whom he has sworn to kill, a fellow martial arts expert named Nurichen. The conflict these two have make up a large part of the first book but behind their conflict are the actions of the KGB, the Red Chinese, and the Quarry. Who is the leader and who is the pawn becomes a very grey area.

The second book takes an even harsher turn against Maroc and his family as the powerful forces see an end in sight and want to make sure that they are in control when that end comes.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1985
Last Appearance:1986

1 Jian Jian
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 1985

Jake Maroc is on a mission for the Quarry though he would prefer to abandon everything to go after Nichiren, his worst enemy. Meanwhile other forces, such as the KGB, have their own plans and the Far East is ready to explode.

2 Shan Shan
Written by Eric Van Lustbader
Copyright: 1986

On a high plateau in the center of Asia is Shan, a holy site revered for testing the men who come there and giving them insight into themselves. Now the places as been taken over by a group of drug lords and Jake Maroc is sent to restore the peace.


When I found this series, I was disappointed to learn they were not books in the Nicholas Linnear series that Mr. Lustbader had already released. Then I read the first of these two books and enchanted. They were quite a bit different from the feel of the Linnear books but in their own way were just a good. Then I had two different Lustbader series to enjoy, and this was years before he took over the Jason Bourne epic.

Jake Maroc is at the same time in near total control of his body and out of control of his desire for revenge and this makes for a very enjoyable read.


My Grade: B+

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ajksmith58 A+ 11/12/2014 11:29:43 AM

I read both of these books in hardcover when they were first released. I learned what a phenomenal writer Lustbader is through them. Jake Marok is a beast of a character rivaling any fictional character of his type. I of course followed these up with every book in the Nicholas Linnear series and even Erics first foray into fantasy writing. I prefer his spy novels though, he has a knack for punching you in the gut with twists you never see coming and I have had to backtrack dozens of times to make sure I was still reading the same book...I dig that because he keeps you on your toes. Two thumbs way, way up for "Shan" and "The Jian"

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