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Full Name: Andre Kohl
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Pierre Salinger, Leonard Gross
Time Span: 1984 - 1988


Andre Kohl is a television reporter.

He has been a much respected reporter for one of the major networks for over 20 years, being lured from print reporting which he had done for over a decade before that. At 56 with thirty years of chasing down stories and risking his neck to get a scoop or dig out an obscure fact, Kohl has decided to step away from it.

As the series opens, Kohl is living alone in his home in Normandy, France, except for his housekeeper. His phone number is known to only a very select few, including his two grown children back in the States, as he prepares to take a year sabbatical to take a much needed break from constant action. He has walked away from his post as head of the European bureau for his network and walked away from a good chance at the anchor chair. He has said goodbye to a year's salary and the security of a good job.

He is looking forward to becoming familiar again with the love of the piano he once had as a young man, a love that grew as he did. He wonders if he had not taken that first job as a reporter he might have become as good with the piano as his friend, Isaac Stern, was with the violin. When much younger, they had played together often and Kohl was now wanting to get that feeling back.

But life will not work out that way for Kohl as stories just too good and too powerful to pass up will come along, stories of international consequence and of great personal danger. And when the daughter of the Director of the CIA falls in love with him, things will get even more complicated.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1984
Last Appearance:1988

1 The Dossier The Dossier
Written by Pierre Salinger, Leonard Gross
Copyright: 1984

One of the most respected leaders of the free world is now being branded a former Nazi collaborator. Kohl believes he is being framed and must find a hidden document that could prove things one way or another. Many are trying to keep him from it and only his lover can help.

2 Mortal Games Mortal Games
Written by Pierre Salinger, Leonard Gross
Copyright: 1988

Kohl quit his job so he could return to America to marry his love but someone suddenly wants him very dead. Going undercover to find out who and why, he learns there is a small group in the CIA with big plans.


If you join two excellent writers and journalists to write a series about a journalist who travels the world like they have done, you are going to get realism galore. In this case, you also get excitement, thrilling plots, and a darned good time.

Pierre Salinger knew reporting from an intimate perspective and he knew the European scene as well as anyone. Since his character is a foreign television correspondent like himself, the authenticity cannot get any better. And his writing and that of Leonard Gross is superb. And then you combine that with his experience as the White House Press Secretary for 4 years and you have the makings of an awesomely knowledgeable man.

The books grab you and do not let go. I wish these two had written more. Their class shows through easily.


My Grade: A-


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