1928 -

Writing as: Leonard Gross

Leonard Gross gained his tremendous insight into the workings of the world through nearly three decades of reporting from all parts of the globe, mostly for Look magazine. Additionally, he has helped write, often as a ghostwriter, numerous books on self-help.

Series Books
Andre Kohl The Dossier (1984)
  Mortal Games (1988)
Other One Tough Cop (with Bo Dietl) (1988)
  A Fine Line [Jack Mann] (1989)
  Rough Justice [Jack Mann] (1991)
  Hell Bent [Jack Mann] (1992)
  A High Pressure System [Jack Mann] (1994)
  Full Blown Rage [Maggie Van Zandt] (1995)
  The Talk Show Defense [Maggie Van Zandt] (1997)