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Full Name: William Kendall
Nationality: American
Organization: Joint Chiefs Of Staff
Occupation Agent

Creator: Philip Chase
Time Span: 1976 - 1976


William Kendall is the chief Troubleshooter for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As such this experienced Colonel is given operational control over a group of highly trained officers, dubbed the Special Unit. The purpose for this highly secret unit is to strike at the enemies of the country, foreign or domestic.

The field leader of these men, and nearly warranting a co-billing, is Kendall's friend, Lt. Colonel Aaron Eisenberg. Together they decide which missions are to be taken and then lead them. At times it is Eisenberg in the field while at times it is both Kendall and Eisenberg. Eisenberg is a highly capable officer who might have made full colonel if he didn't have a habit of baiting superiors, like the Chairman of the JCS.

Kendall does not have such a problem. By no means a yes-man, Kendall nevertheless is willing to hold his tongue long enough to make what he said less biting. But diplomacy flies out the window when his path is hampered by bureaucracy or pass-the-buck mentality. He has little tolerance for having to do something simply because that is the way it is done. And good luck dealing with Kendall when you aren't willing to own up to your mistakes.

The origin of the men and the people to whom they answer is the military but the actions they perform are far closer to traditional covert intelligence work than true soldiering.

While much of the activity in the four-book series is military in nature, Kendall was the chief Troubleshooter for the JCS before the creation of the Special Unit and is only just getting used to working with a group. Prior to it, he was a loner and still thinks about hitting the field himself before passing the assignment to others.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1976
Last Appearance:1976

1 Deadly Crusade Deadly Crusade
Written by Philip Chase
Copyright: 1976

Even as a commander with the Sixth Fleet in the Med is making secret pacts with Arab terrrorists, those guerillas are preparing a massive strike meant to throw the world into another massive war. As William Kendall seeks to find the traitor, the Special Unit prepares to take on the terrorists.

2 Merchants Of Death Merchants Of Death
Written by Philip Chase
Copyright: 1976

The trio had a plan to extort a breathtaking amount of money or see the destruction of a major American city. And they were going to use stolen military technology to do it. William Kendall and his people are determined to stop it.

3 Defame And Destroy Defame And Destroy
Written by Philip Chase
Copyright: 1976

As the existance of the Special Unit begins to be leaked out, a mysterious group is using blackmail and murder to throw international affairs into major disarray. William Kendall and his people find their options drastically limited.

4 Betrayal In Eden Betrayal In Eden
Written by Philip Chase
Copyright: 1976

Beneath the surface of the ocean, the US Navy is creating a secret base which will give it an edge in mining the sea floor as well as aid in the defense of the country. The Soviets and others are determined to see it stopped. William Kendall and group are in the thick of things over it.


This series, well written and very enjoyable, edges the line between spies and soldiers but, IMHO, stays on the spy side far, far more than the other and so definitely belongs here.

This is especially true when either Kendall or Eisenberg goes off alone. I would have liked to work for Kendall as he was very smart operative and a pretty good leader. I would have liked working with Eisenberg because, except for his sharp tongue, took care to cover his butt in action.

The action is well presented and fast paced. It can be troubling remembering all the military acronyms but just go with. The author knew what he was writing about.


My Grade: C+


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