1944 -

Writing as: Philip Chase, Philip Friedman

Philip Friedman is a lawyer living and practicing in New York City. His experiences as such have given his legal dramas a tremendous realism resulting in them becoming best sellers. The 1972 Rage was turned into a compelling movie starring George C. Scott as a farmer out for revenge.

Series Books
Philip Chase
William Kendall Deadly Crusade (1976)
  Merchants Of Death (1976)
  Defame And Destroy (1976)
  Betrayal In Eden (1976)
Philip Friedman
Other Rage (1972)
  Termination Order (1979)
  Wall of Silence aka Act of Love, Act of War (1979)
  Reasonable Doubt (1990)
  Inadmissable Evidence (1992)
  Grand Jury (1996)
  No Higher Law (1999)