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Full Name: Jenny Norrington, Sandro Gandarello, and Colly Tucker
Nationality: American, British, Italian
Organization: -
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: Ivor Drummond
Time Span: 1969 - 1980


The impressive threesome that make up this fascinating team are Lady Jennifer Norrington, Count Allessandro di Ganzarello, and Colleride Tucker III. How they became a team is not really described but the fact that they are an extremely close team which has worked together before is obvious from the first book in the series.

"Jenny" Norrington, as she is called by everyone, is a blonde haired young British woman, well into her twenties but with a freshness and vitality that has her mistaken at times for someone in her teens. Highly educated but terribly rebellious at times, she is totally loved by the other two but considers them both her brothers, or as mentioned at least once, her nephews. She has inherited a considerable fortune in addition to her title.

"Colly" Tucker is an American cowboy who is possibly one of the richest men in the world, having inherited a gigantic fortune. He is in his early thirties, very handsome, and completely at ease in any group from roughnecks to high society.

Sandro di Ganzarello is an Italian Count, almost as rich as Colly and thought by most of his friends to be one of the laziest men alive, but only by those who have never seen him in action. He is a gourmet and fine wine critic when he is not chasing miscreants. A large bear of a man, he can move extremely fast when he needs to.

Each one gives the appearance of someone without a care but more importantly, without a cause. In reality, though, the Trio (as I call them in my write-ups) have a tremendous social conscience and routinely put their lives on the line to fight those across the world who prey on others.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1980

1 The Man With The Tiny Head The Man With The Tiny Head
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1969

A group had devised a diabolical crime in which they kidnapped young girls and older rich men, got them both high on drugs, forced them to have sex while filming them. Then the girls could be sold, the men blackmailed, and the porn movies distributed elsewhere. Jenny wants them stopped.
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2 The Priests Of The Abomination The Priests Of The Abomination
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1970

The five leaders of the new cult in California were from totally different religions originally but now they preached a single belief and they had thousands flocking to their call, including many rich patrons who die along the way.

3 The Frog In The Moonflower The Frog In The Moonflower
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1972

ALA. Those three capitalized letters were found at the scene of several bizarre killings stretching across Europe towards Africa. The trio decide they need to find out what the initials or the word meant and why the deaths are occurring.
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4 The Jaws Of The Watchdog The Jaws Of The Watchdog
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1973

Investigating the piracy of a rich woman's yacht by highly trained armed gunmen, the Trio come up against a private army with seemingly unlimited funds which is pulling off outrageous crimes and making a fortune doing so.

5 The Power Of The Bug The Power Of The Bug
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1974

The suicide of a rich and well respected man intrigues the Trio as there was no evidence of depression nor disease. They soon find a plot to extort vast sums or see the mark dead.

6 The Tank Of Sacred Eels The Tank Of Sacred Eels
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1976

As the two men of the Trio were in the Middle East fighting a flow of drugs, Jenny was falling in love, unknowing that the object of her affection was a vicious killer with a cruel plan in the works.
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7 The Necklace Of Skulls The Necklace Of Skulls
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1977

It was Colly's desire to find who in India was stealing good pharmaceuticals and then selling lethal ones. The Trio start finding that hundreds of people are vanishing. Apparently a new society of Thugs are at work.
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8 The Stench Of Poppies The Stench Of Poppies
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1978

In Turkey for some well deserved R&R, the Trio come upon a new form of poppy seed from which is grown opium with the most startling of effects. As they seek to learn more, they are attacked by drug lords and put temporarily on the defensive.
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9 The Diamonds Of Loreta The Diamonds Of Loreta
Written by Ivor Drummond
Copyright: 1980

The Loreta is a museum in Prague housing exquisite items of antiquity, chief among these being the famous Diamonds of Loreta. In order to save the life of one of the Trio, the other two are forced to steal these diamonds, which are as safeguarded as the Crown Jewels.


Okay, I am an absolute sucker for this series. And I was fooled so badly before opening the first book that I was stunned at what I found. I thought at first a series about the occult. Then I considered an Avengers ripoff. And then thinking it was one or the other, I put the books away to be read "some day".

Luckily some day came and I forced myself to read the first book. Well, forced myself to read the first few pages because then the characters and the story had me. And didn't let go for 9 books. Not enough, in my opinion, but I am grateful for the 9.


My Grade: A-

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David A+ 4/19/2014 9:44:01 PM

I loved this series and the interplay between the characters as well as the outrageous plots that dated back to an older thriller tradition. Drummond manages some of the best endings in thriller fiction and some remarkable scenes of action. All in all a highly entertaining series. Drummond also writes the Dan Mallet series about a poacher with a penchant for crime solving as Frank Parrish.

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